Twitter Marketing: how to get twitter buzz for your startup


Twitter is a social network site that helps in connecting people in various parts of the world. It is also helpful to those who would like to be updated with what is going on around for as long as you are a follower. Twitter is a powerful social media community where you can share a lot of information in a quick snap. Marketing on twitter is so simple yet you can also make the most out of your exposure. It’s not hard to sell on twitter though. There are lots of ways to utilize twitter if you want to use an effective marketing technique in reaching out twitter users from various parts of the globe.

What is twitter buzz and how to use it are some of the common questions of business owners who would like to penetrate social network such as twitter. If you open twitter you will see hash tags in the timeline. Hash tags are usually hot topics that twitter users talk about. You can also see tags in your own timeline as well and these are known as buzz but they usually came from your friends. Buzz is similar to trending topics in twitter but buzz is meant for circle of friends only. It’s essential to make friends with twitter followers and join circles as well by becoming their follower. This way, you can generate lots of buzz around. Some simple ways to start up a twitter buzz are the following:

  • You can follow trending topics of the moment and see what the other followers are up to. To make buzz and make people retweet your messages or posts, you need to post something about the trending topic too. You have to make your followers interested in conversing with you. If you see that your followers are interested in baking, you can post something about baking method. It will surely generate buzz.
  • If you will retweet messages or reply to others you are following or those who have been following you will automatically make you a member of the Twittersphere. Becoming a part of this group is essential especially those who are into business and would like to be in a big group. Before you attract followers, you have to establish your interest and topics before posting them. In the long run, you will get followers with the same interest as yours. It’s like building your own online brand and socializes with people of the same ideas and interest. As soon as your followers are comfortable with you, they will soon help you in making a buzz about certain products or services too.
  • You can always ask people to help you. If you will just ask them politely, they will surely help you. Sending a request and appeal to your followers and will surely provide you with buzz for a specific issue.

It’s best to learn the rules of twitter ahead of time. Don’t post a lot. Though there are no rules about how many tweets a person can post per day or even per hour, more than 5 posts per hour is really a lot.

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  • dadofdivas

    This is a great primer on twitter marketing… I am always trying to find new ways to get people to retweet my messages and to interact, so great advice, thanks!

  • Sathish, I’ve posted about 65 tweets per day EVERY DAY of the 2+ years I’ve been on Twitter. Fully half are RTs that I add a little something to since I don’t believe in a simple RT – it’s lazy and uncreative. On #DadChat days I tweet over 300 tweets so that clearly ups my average and on #blogchat days, it’s probably well over 100 tweets. It adds up and it’s all part of my morning routine. For me, I think it’s working…

  • I was hoping to see a bit more content that relates to startups specifically, but this is sound advice nonetheless — really, for anyone starting out with Twitter.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Great. Yes.. engagement and conversation are the key to really get people to follow you back.

  • There actually ARE posting limits on Twitter. According to its own support pages, the limit is 1,000 tweets per hour, and it is further broken down into half-hour increments. So, yes, it’s possible to hit a Twitter problem with too much posting, but no, I suspect most people aren’t going to hit that limit: doing so would certainly be a sign they’re posting far too often.

    I try to post once per half-hour during the day and “prime time,” but I will occasionally post replies and have conversations with people around those. My average is somewhere around 35 posts a day or so, but I’m noticing more interaction and more follows.