How to Boost Your Social Media Customer Service

How to Boost Your Social Media Customer Service

Providing prompt and efficient customer service has always been an intimidating task. You must consistently recognize customer’s anticipation and address it in a fulfilling manner – more so, when you have to deal with several core business activities.

You must allow sufficient time for social media in your everyday operations. You must understand how social media affects your customers – particularly those that are craving for personalized interaction.

Complete automation is no longer preferable, and mere emails with a reference link to your terms of conditions isn’t going to fetch you attractive returns. Those days are gone.

Post frequently and raise thought-provoking questions. Post relevant information that shows your customers you care about them.

It is suggested that you create a separate fan page dedicated to customer service. Creating a separate page specifically for customer service will not take you longer than 30 seconds but it will provide your customers with a dedicated source for their inquiries, complaints, and engagement. It will also make your primary fan page less congested while prioritizing on customer engagement.

Your customer page needs to have a proper naming in accordance with the social network’s rules but keep in mind you convey the right message. It is recommended that you provide full page description, expressing the exact purpose of the page, preferably attaching the link to your FAQ page.

Remember to include a Hashtag both in your Twitter page’s description as also in your tweets. Use the hashtag in such a way to help them further personalize the mentions, and track query posts more efficiently.

There is no denying that social media is emerging as a preferred tool for engagement, and specifically for customer service.

Despite paucity of time, you have to keep track of all of these social networks. It is therefore advisable that you limit your social media presence to only a few social channels where your prospects and customers proliferate. Most businesses are puzzled – what if you set up your Twitter Support page and your customers are complaining about Facebook or LinkedIn or Google+.

You can set up an email notifications for when you get a direct mail, or your support page gets mentioned on Twitter or when someone writes on your wall on Facebook. This step might get a little spammy and hence setting up a separate Inbox Tab is recommended.

There are plenty of tools available, like Social Mention, which you can use to track your brand’s presence across different networks.