How to Build Your Brand Name through Social Media Marketing

How to Build Your Brand Name through Social Media Marketing

Today, the reputation of your brand online is more critical than ever. Studies suggest that 65% of internet users depend on online search so as to find information on people & businesses. Well, one of the valuable tools that assist businesses in this regard is social media. In fact, it is “the tool” for any business at present.

Clearly, if you have not attempted so far, it is time to begin branding yourself via social media. Here are some killer tips to have you started.

Carefully Choose the Social Media Platform to Use

Well, there are a lot of social media platforms to pick from so as to begin your journey of branding. To help you determine the right platform, have a look at the three big ones:

Facebook – Facebook is, of course, the most major social network as far as name recognition & number of users is concerned. Via this platform, you can gain access to over 1.55 billion users and a variety of tools to boost your business.

Twitter – In spite of the 140-character restriction, Twitter proves to be an excellent platform to post updates, images, videos, polls and so much more. Perhaps, it is one of the finest social networks to interact with other users and has over 320 million active users across the world.

Pinterest – While LinkedIn appears in the third place here, the fact is, Pinterest is one of the top social networking tools meant for branding. The platform provides digital bulletin boards which you can make use of to organize different collections of pictures that feature your offerings, workspace and people behind your company.

Maintain Imagery Consistent across your Social Media Accounts

Needless to say, branding happens to be all about imagery. Right from your logo to the brand name and extending to your profile picture, each and everything must be recognizable instantly. Besides, you must create a unique identity via your design. For example, use the style of your logo and the color palette to create your web pages and then establish your brand.

Create Valuable & Shareable Content

A majority of businesses tends to make the mistake of creating content that only they want to read, or they simply meet their deadlines that are marked on their calendars. Well, you should be creating useful content which your readers would love to share. Find out what exactly engages your audience. You can do this by asking them directly or by checking out on what your competitors do. But, don’t just share blindly or copy as such moves will inevitably affect your branding efforts. Rather, consider some tips:
• Ensure the content you are sharing supports your brand image.
• Make sure the content and tone of your post are much relevant to your brand.
• Check out the content that will gain maximum visibility on your social networking sites.
• Don’t hesitate to use visual content.

Participate in the discussion

A highly significant way to generate a fan base & building audience is socializing your content. So, first, you have to be in touch with social influencers in your domain because they have established their brand by now. You can then mention their names in posts, thereby inspiring them to bond with you and, eventually, share the content you created with their followers. Take part in discussions to exhibit your expertise while building a strong bridge with your audience.

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