How to Delete a Bad Search Result from Google Search?

How to Delete a Bad Search Result from Google Search

Negative search results can have a bad impact on your reputation and thus as a company/organisation or as business owner you should try your level best to remove the negative search results from the giant social engine ‘Google.’ You can delete, suppress or de-index the content to show up from the bad search result of Google.

Taking the Help of Google to Remove Content

To remove pages which are not under your control, you can contact the website owners for help. To remove false information from the Google search results, you can take the help of legal authorities as well as the giant search engine Google itself. Google policy permits the removal of the sensitive information, offensive videos and images. You can request Google to remove the content that violates the law of search results.

The best way to get rid of the negative search results from the Internet is to take the help of Google to deindex or remove the links.

The Content Types Google Deindexes

  • Any content that causes damage to the personal information, such as, bank account numbers, social security numbers etc.
  • Sexual imagery or revenge porn posted without your knowledge
  • Child pornography
  • Copyright violations

Through Legal Action

Taking legal action becomes mandatory in case of copyright infringement, online defamation, discrimination, or for other illegal information. Google usually removes content if warned with a court order that shows defamation or libel.

Burying the Unwanted Search Results on the Giant Search Engine Google

It is always desirable to eliminate the negative search results from the Google search engine or the Internet but many times it is not possible to completely delete the unwanted search results. In such cases, the best approach is to push down the results. Statistics have shown that 75% of the Internet users do not care to scroll past the first few pages of the search results and more precisely the first five. Thus you can push it down to a level where it will not show up. The best way to outrank a bad search result is with a good content in your name. Some of the best ways to do it are given below.

Making Content SEO Friendly:

If you want to optimize your content to make it SEO-friendly, you should use your real or full name, make use of correct page titles, ensure your website is user-oriented and last but not the least, make use of superior quality content.

Leave Online Comments:

Generally the industry blogs and the news articles perform well in the search engine results. Thus make use of the comment sections of these websites. Ensure that you use your real name to register for the same. You will find that these comments would appear in your name in the top few search results. Take this to your advantage and make use of proper grammar, appropriate language and add something striking in your comment to attract attention.

Make Use of Press Release:

Create news of anything you have done recently. Make an interesting content about it and share it as a press release. Many of the major media or wire services can pick up and push it to the top few results of the search engine.

By taking the steps mentioned here you can easily get rid of the unwanted search results from the Google search engine.

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