How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

So, you have written a superb blog post. Well, congratulations! But, how do you get people to find it and read it? Of course, this is the question most bloggers got to deal with every time they hit “Publish.”

The good news is that there are a few ways to drive more traffic to each of your blog posts. Now, let us have a look at some important ways.

Post your blog to all your social accounts (relevant)

As soon as your blog post goes live, one easy way to get some exposure right away is pushing it to all your social accounts. This will help your followers be aware of your latest post. You can opt to announce your new post with a small tagline at the start, thereby making a special note that your content is new.

Post six updates to Twitter

Compared to other social media posts, Tweets seem to have a much shorter shelf life. In other words, if you share your blog post only once to Twitter, you are allowing only one shot for your audience to view it. This might be quite risky. So, it is wise to share blogs on Twitter a number of times – up to six times or even more!
By posting your blog to Twitter many times, the benefits you enjoy:
• You get more engagement and traffic.
• You tend to hit multiple time zones.
• You seem to reach newer followers.

Email, HipChat or Slack your internal team

The task of distributing content doesn’t have to dependent on you alone. Your teammates and coworkers should be able to share your content with their followers as well.

First, let your team be aware of the new blog post you have written. You can send an office email to score several big wins.

Reach out to important and relevant friends

If you have published a blog that you feel will be appealing to some of your friends, it will certainly help to reach out specifically to them. One great way to generate some social traction on your latest blog post is to ping such friends and inform them about it.

Utilize your blog post as an answer to questions on Reddit and Quora

Use your blog post to answer a few questions that people have already been asking. And, this is exactly where social networks and forums such as Quora and Reddit come in handy.

Set up Google Alert

Well, you have put all efforts into writing and promoting an interesting blog post. Now, you would want to think to go that extra mile: establishing ways to promote the post long term. One concrete way to achieve this is to remain informed on the latest posts and conversations regarding the topic you wrote about. You may try setting up a few Google Alerts for several key concepts in your write up.