How to Find New Customers on Facebook

How to Find New Customers on Facebook

In recent times, Facebook has been steadily reducing the quantum of organic reach any particular business can access free. Considering the paid exposure to Facebook marketing, reach for any given post continues to be rather meager. It is true that some marketers are abandoning Facebook because it is a social site with decreasing ROI.

However, there are still many Facebook users that are working smarter to lure new users. As said and done, it all boils down to marketing numbers game. If your paid/organic reach is somewhat narrow, the easiest way to reach targeted people is to broaden your audience. So, the question is how to enlarge your audience and bring more people into your fold.

First of all, know all your existing customers on Facebook unless you are only now getting into the Facebook game. This will provide you an excellent base from which to further construct your super structure.

Even if you are new to Facebook, you can make use of your existing online marketing collaterals in your website and other social media networking platforms. Use Google Analytics to come up with much of the same pieces of data information.

Carefully monitor your customer needs and expectations. As you learn more about your customers/prospects, you should also learn about what they want and what they expect. You will have to watch the posts of your Facebook fans to find out what they like, to fulfill their expectations and their need.

You can collect the relevant information in a variety of ways. As part of research, you also need to keep your business in mind. It serves no purpose to know that your users are all interested in shoes if you have nothing to do with selling shoes. Specifically, you should be looking for relevant information that you can profitably use.

Try to reach out to customers/prospects on other social media platforms. Reach out to the customers you have already contacted on other platforms and integrate them with your Facebook audience.

You can post on Google+, Twitter and other social sites asking anyone (who hasn’t already) to follow your account on Facebook.

Enhance your information related to your marketing page in Facebook in the “About Us” section and also in other popular social networking sites. Use Facebook comments for your blog, to promote users commenting on your content.

Occasionally ask users to follow you on Facebook through an announcement or other special notices. Add a Facebook button to every newsletter. Add a special section asking email users to follow you on Facebook. Run targeted Ad campaigns. Run contests bearing in mind user interests. Request for and incentivize referrals.

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