How to Find Potential Customers on Facebook

How to Find Potential Customers on Facebook

If you are keen to find new customers on Facebook, the simple answer is you have to enlarge your fandom. Please remember that the people who become your Facebook fans today will become your paying customers tomorrow.

A common mistake that many business owners commit is trying to build an online presence by chasing after strangers. Instead, they should be building their reputations and expanding their clientele through the fans they already have.

Many businesses think of Facebook as the place to get new customers, and there is nothing wrong with it. But the most effective way to get those new customers is through word-of-mouth. You should reach new audiences on Facebook, and the manner of doing it is simple. You have to necessarily acquire new customers exploiting your contacts with your existing fans.

Initiate conversations with your existing fans by raising thought-provoking questions. Run contests or trivia enabling your fans to reveal interesting things about their personality. Ask your existing customers to post photos on your Facebook. Feature customers on your Facebook.

It would be worthwhile to offer attractive incentives for sharing content. Hold contests for sharing and social spread. Create extraordinary visual content that your fans would want to share.

However, it is important to know that you cannot simply rely on your fan base to do your work for you. You have to create rewarding experiences that will get them interacting with you and inspiring them into sharing your content.

The fact on Facebook is that 90 out of 100 Fans will never see your (unpromoted) posts. That’s a pretty disheartening statistics. However, the good news is that creating a nominal and affordable budget to promote your posts will boost your posts and can make a huge difference. Not only can it result in an increase in interaction, it can also result in an increase of traffic to your site.

You can also increase the number of impressions your post receives by posting multiple photos at a time as opposed to posting a single photo or album. Whether you have recent or older photos, you can create an impact by tagging as many as possible.

Today a large number of people are active Facebook users, and half of them log in every day and spend an average of 30 minutes on the Facebook. It’s, therefore, no wonder why businesses – regardless of their size and type – are flocking to Facebook to capture new customers. Along with the ever-growing Facebook fan base and an easy-to-navigate website—creating a brand presence on Facebook is easy.

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