How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Marketing

How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Marketing

Even with the emergence of other social media platforms, Facebook still remains to be a household name and you can successfully use it to market your brand. Setting up a Facebook page for your business helps you in making your brand more visible considering that the platform has millions of active users.

But to get leads and customers using your page, you need to ensure that everything is well put together. A few tips can help you get the most from your Facebook marketing efforts.

Tip 1 – Create a compelling profile and use profile picture that is recognizable. The profile should have every relevant detail about the business and to make sure that people know exactly who you are as soon as they see the profile, use profile photo that is known. The company logo is one of the best pictures you can choose for the profile.

When uploading it, adhere to the photo dimensions required by Facebook and make sure as clear as it possibly can be. You should also select a cover photo that is engaging and high in quality to match your profile one.

Tip 2 – Let your ‘About’ section contain basic information including the company milestones. This is the section where most people will scan as soon as they get onto your page. It should therefore contain all basic information that tells even new potentials what you are all about.

The content should be descriptive and to the point so you can generate likes. Populate the section with milestones to make an impression on your visitors and give them a reason to trust and try what you are offering them.

Tip 3 – Optimize profile photos and pictures by adding links. You definitely have goals when you choose to use Facebook for your business. To achieve these goals, it is best that you also include links to your business website and you can do this on descriptions on the cover photo and profile picture. Links come in handy for visitors who want to find out more about you and they make it very easy for you to guide them and transforming them into sales so include them by all means.

Tip 4 – Post videos and photos on the timeline. If there is anything that attracts the eye and interest more it is the use of video or photo on your timeline. Videos evoke curiosity and so do the photos. You will likely miss passing the message when you have interesting photos and videos on the timeline compared to if you only chose to use a block of text.

Videos and photos are more engaging, but you should also ensure that they are most relevant and interesting to the audience you are targeting on Facebook.

Tip 5 – Include a call to action. Facebook launched a feature that allows you to add pre-made call-to-action buttons. They offer a great way of driving traffic from the social media page to your website and you can choose the option you feel best works for the products or services you are marketing.

Create a compelling Facebook page, upload all relevant information, use interesting content and guide your audience to the final action! This is all it takes to be successful in Facebook marketing.

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