Government and Public Affairs: Online Reputation Management

Government and Public Affairs: Online Reputation Management

Smear campaigns and mudslinging are part of politics and the government of the day is invariably at the receiving end – more so, in a democratic set-up. The reputation of the government is further imperiled in today’s age and time with the internet going hammer and tongs with all its breaking news, political comments and sensationalism.

In the internet, political smear campaign takes place even without any corroborative or supporting evidence. Thus, the government has to be ever vigilant and needs to have an effective mechanism in place to do the damage control exercise. The plain truth is in today’s digital environs, any spiteful political person or even a commoner can destroy the image of a government with just some keying.

Overseeing what appears online about the government has today become an inescapable part of governance and a busy government will have to hire competent agencies to monitor and promptly rebut any ill-founded or misleading facts about the government and its activities.

There are several professional government ORM (Online Reputation Management) agencies with the required experience and expertise with creative strategies to protect the fair image of the government.  Their proactive approach will enable government to contain all damaging reports well in advance and quite often even before they appear online.

There are also today several ORM monitoring solutions and powerful tools available to combat online government reputation as they will track what is said in the internet and social media about the government functioning. There are ways to minimize the impact of adverse comments and negative reviews – even if not possible to wholly prevent them.

Further, it is feasible to suppress and/or downplay malicious content and repopulate the internet with more positive reviews and more agreeable information to boost the image of the government.

Defending the reputation of the government is also critically important if the government wants to successfully contest the elections and return to power.  Any adverse publicity online, if not scotched in time, can have far-reaching repercussions and affect its prospects in the next elections – as today almost all voters are internet addicts and keenly note what is stated in the social media.

Your Turn:

What is your online reputation management strategy for Government’s? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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