Guide To Dealing With Negative Search Results

Guide To Dealing With Negative Search Results

Almost everyone becomes a victim to negative search results at some point in time. Whether it is a link to bad reviews, a negative news story or embarrassing blogs and photos, it would do you good to get rid of them. If you cannot do that, you do have the option of getting them buried.Lets check the “Guide To Dealing With Negative Search Results” will help your search listing.

Negative Search Results Need To Be Treated With Seriousness

One of the things that negative search results do is that they paint a bad picture of your firm. This can be bad for your business as potential customers would find it while looking up for information regarding you. People are less willing to do business with companies that have a lot of bad things going about them so they would just move on to the next company. In the long run, this would become a fatal blow to your business, so it is prudent to take some action before it comes to that.

Taking Action

Panicking would not accomplish anything, so you have to come up with a systematic series of steps and methodically tackle the issue at hand. You cannot just email Google to remove the contents out of the blue. Now that you have got this out of your mind, try some of these steps given below.

Deleting The Unwanted Content

Linking your name to the unwanted content can be a tad confusing when the content does not exist in the first place. While deleting harmful content is the most direct way to approach the problem, it is not always possible. Removing links from the internet is not an easy feat.

While some of the links that are under your control can be deleted, it is not easy to erase links that you cannot control. Often these malicious links are posted by another website.

1. If You Own The Page
In case it is a Yelp business page or a social media profile, you can often modify the page to give the correct portrayal of your business. In case that is not possible, you might want to delete the account altogether. Deleting the account is a risk though. Sometimes you can remove your business account, but the negative reviews still remain on the internet. That would surely be a liability because now that you have deleted your account, you cannot even add positive reviews in future.

2. If You Do Not Own The Page
You can approach the owner of the website hosting the malicious links directly. Be polite and see if they are willing to do you a favour. If the owner doesn’t help, you can take help of Google or any legal authorities. Any content that violets Google’s policies can be subjected to elimination. You do need enough proof for that and removing the links from Google does not necessarily remove them from the internet.

Tips For Burying The Unwanted Content

1. Have a social media account or a blog. Set up active accounts and post good contents consistently. It would help you rank higher in the Google search results.
2. Take help of SEO to optimise your content. It helps to increase the traffic to your page.
3. Leave good and helpful comments under your real name in the comment section of influential websites.
Getting rid of unwanted content might be difficult, but it is probably not impossible. You can use these tips “Guide To Dealing With Negative Search Results” to improve your image.

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