How to Maximize Social Media and Content Marketing

How to Maximize Social Media and Content Marketing

Many people are under the mistaken impression that social media marketing and content marketing are two disparate entities and cannot be used in combination.

Sadly, many brands approach both as if one has nothing to do with the other. Please be aware that social media marketing cannot function without content. Remember that if you are devoid of content, you have nothing to share, tweet or post.

Without quality content, you cannot drive engagement on social media. Therefore, it only stands to reason that content serve as the heart and lungs of any successful social media marketing campaign.

Contrary to traditional content marketing, content pertaining to social media marketing must aim at specific purposes. To make it rewarding, your content for social media marketing must be tailored for specific platforms. Furthermore, your content must be developed in a way that triggers discussion and prolonged engagement.

It should be your endeavour to bring together social media and content marketing.

Researching with a variety of content across different networks can help you to determine which type of content resonates best with various social channels.

If you only post a single piece of content and you do not receive the expected response, you may never know exactly what was wrong with it. You must develop the insight to determine how to connect best with your audiences.

It must be your earnest endeavour to optimise content for specific social media channels. Remember that whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest, each social media network has its unique audience and characteristics. You must respect these unique features if you wish to derive optimum benefits from social media marketing.

Make sure that the content you publish on each social platform is optimised for that particular platform. This will give you a much better chance to connect with the audiences that frequent that platform.
While Twitter has a very strict 140-character limit and demands engaging content, content on Facebook is more flexible, which typically requires the inclusion of photo /video to capture attention.

Do not hesitate to ask your followers /fans for suggestions regarding the types of content that interests them. There are also tools you can leverage to determine the types of content most likely to grab attention in your social media marketing efforts.

Social media provides a fabulous opportunity for giving your content its voice. With imaginative planning, you can combine content marketing and social media together to create a hugely rewarding social media marketing campaign.