How To Remove Negative Pictures And Videos On Google

How To Remove Negative Pictures And Videos On Google

Coming across negative images and videos associated with yourself or your business on Google is not a very uncommon thing nowadays in the world wide web, you always end up with the question “How To Remove Negative Pictures And Videos On Google”. Since the internet is a free platform for all, anyone can post anything they like. Sometimes these posts do not portray a positive image of yourself or your company. If care is not taken, they can cause serious damage to your offline and online reputation. When people are searching for you, they would surely come across these misleading pictures and videos and you would likely lose potential clients.

Removal Or Suspension Of Negative Content

In order to deal with this issue, people have come up different tactics that either remove the misleading content from the internet or takes the help of reverse SEO tactics to bury them.

  1. Removing The Negative Images And Videos: You can remove the content from the search engine so that nobody is able to see them. This is however seldom successful. Even if you do manage to take your content down from Google, it does not ensure that your content is not available on the whole internet. It is worth trying nonetheless.

If the page belongs to you then you can modify it to be more appropriate and interesting. You are often allowed to delete these if they are not to your liking at all. But if the content is posted on somebody else’s website, you cannot just delete them as you like. In that case, the prudent decision would be to either approach them directly or take the help of Google and legal authorities if the content violates any laws and policies. 

  1. Suspension Of The Negative Images And Videos: If you are unable to remove the pages, using reverse SEO tactics can help you in burying those negative content. This technique ensures that this sort of content is located at the bottom of the search results.

You just need to create better content and post them frequently. The better quality content would be ranked higher in the search results compared to the bad ones.

Tips For Cleaning The Negative Content

  1. Make sure that you log out before looking up yourself on Google. If you do not do that, you would end up with personalized search results. These results are not what the average person sees when they are looking you up.
  2. Remove whatever negative links you can. You can decrease the number of people who can look up the negative content by changing the privacy settings. Most social media platforms allow you to delete these contents too.
  3. You would have to create fresh content. If they are interesting then they would rank higher in the Google’s search results. Google wants fresh content and they are more likely to rank higher than the negative content. Also, make sure that you post them consistently.
  4. Open new social media accounts. The more, the merrier. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram, these social media accounts would increase your visibility on a positive note.
  5. Pay attention to the data brokers. They create online profiles about you from the information they get from the web. You can choose to opt out.

Keep these tips in mind and negative content would no longer be a headache for you.If you have a question “How To Remove Negative Pictures And Videos On Google”, please contact us immediately.

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