How to use Foursquare for small and local business?

Within a short period of its launch, Foursquare has accentuated its presence in the social media world and has over five million loyalists, already. As the social media website itself suggests, it is a great place to find customers in your geographic location and explore more possibilities in your small and local business enterprise.

What is the process?

  • It is pretty simple like any social media site, all you do is sign up with Foursquare, if you own a small and local business. However, here you need to create an account and claim your location.
  • You can then lure your customers and garner their loyalty by treating them to special offers and discounts for checking in at your specific location. You can also evaluate the effectiveness of the specials using the tools provided in Foursquare.
  • So, how can they check in? They can click the ‘check in’ button in the main page and reach the nearby locations on the social media site and ‘special’ icon below the listed small and local business initiatives signify that Foursquare specials are available there. The customers can then unlock and redeem the benefits.
  • Apart from this, you are provided with essential tools for monitoring real-time data on various aspects namely, demographics of customers, number of check-ins on day to day basis along with the time of visits, the frequency of visits and recent visitors.
  • Finally, small and local business can reward their loyal customers with incentives and useful tips namely details about new arrivals, discounts and sales in advance and special offers to keep their customers on Foursquare, their lifetime loyalists.

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