Online Perception: Ways to Rebuild Failed Reputation

Online Perception: Ways to Rebuild Failed Reputation

A negative web presence can be overwhelming for your business or your personal identity and can drive away clients apart from damaging the overall perception you have to the public.

Every business wishes to maintain a positive image to grow and thrive, but there are situations where this is lost. Luckily, it is possible to rebuild failed or damaged reputation so that you can win your clients over. It may take a considerable amount of time to reverse the damage, but it is doable.

The most important thing before you start attempting to rebuild your damaged reputation is to understand why it has happened in the first place. Is it as a result of something you did or was it because of something someone else did?

Remember that even famous individuals, products and brands can end up failing on their reputation too. In most cases, failed reputation online can be as a result of business mistake, public backlash, media coverage and algorithmic changes. Whether deserved or not, they are all situations that can end up ruining your otherwise good image. So how do you go about rebuilding the failed reputation?

1)Identify the problem – This is the first step towards restoring reputation. You would need to scour every negative content, article, post, comment and even conversational tidbit. It is a process that can be frustrating and painful, but it does pay off in the end because only when you know where the problem is will you able to start repairing.

2)Own up to indiscretions and apologize – When you are human enough, to be honest in spelling out the circumstances surrounding the blemish on the brand record and apologizing for it, people listen. When you accept you are wrong, then you make it very easy for the public to forgive and forget the mistake already done. Just ensure that you sound sincere when doing this rather than defensive and defiant.

3)Pull down negative content – It will be one of the hardest steps in repairing your reputation, but it needs to be done anyway. It is not that easy to have damaging videos and posts removed from the web, but you want to try your best and get it done. Something you posted would be easy to pull down, but something that a third party posted would mean approaching the author, owning up to mistakes and then kindly requesting that they remove or replace the content for your best interests.

4)Take control – Investing in quality content is what you want to do to be back in control. To drown the negative situations and its effects, you should start offering positive posts on a regular basis, so you start elevating the business in the public eye. You can even hire a company that specializes in online reputation management to develop the most efficient plan to counter the effects. Being in control also means being more careful with what you post and your products too, so you do not end up in the same situation.

It is not the end of the world for your business just because a mistake happened. Start the recovery process as soon as you can and bounce your way back to positive reputation!