Online Reputation: How To Clean Up Your Digital Past

Online Reputation: How To Clean Up Your Digital Past

Online posts can be damning, and the problem is that you will usually realize this when the damage is already done.

The worst about online reputation is that it does not always have to be your own doing that gets the reputation damaged, but also what other people end up posting about you. But now that the damage is already done, the next step would be to think about how to clean up digital past.

If you closely monitor your online presence, then you may be lucky enough to do a thorough clean up before things get out of hand.

Easy sharing brought about by social media platform have increased the chances of any good or bad post going viral and as a good business, you want to try as much as possible to prevent all negatives from spreading and becoming viral because the damage can take even more effort and time to reverse.

Erasing or cleaning up your digital past works in protecting your good image and also helps in reversing negative reputation damage on time. Here are the top ways you can use to clean up the not very good past.

Scope out the damage

With strong search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, it is not that hard to find out how bad the situation is. By entering your name as an individual or business, you will be able to get all relevant results and from here you can decide what results trouble you most so you can mark that for necessary action. It could be a video you added months ago that is now doing the rounds and ruining your reputation or a post you made ranting about a former employer. Whatever it is, you will be able to see so you can take action accordingly.

Monitoring online reputation can be tedious. It therefore would be a good idea to sign up with valuable services such as Google Alerts so you can get alerts as soon as information about you is updated or added to the web. You can also become a member of services that work to defend reputation, so you can report on what’s available about you on videos, photos, blogs and even social networking hubs.

Request removal

By approaching the authors of the damaging online content, you can successfully get your digital past erased. You should also personally try to pull down what you can from the internet as a way of deleting that digital post that may be ruining your reputation.

To increase your chances of successfully having the content removed, find out as much as you can regarding the site so you are better informed before making your move. In as much as you may have a strong case to get the materials removed, you should never come out steaming because it may end up in bad PR.

Simply explains removal reasons and assume the owner will be reasonable enough to hear you out. You can have the correct inaccurate information or erase defamatory material completely.

Another simple way of cleaning up your digital past is to hire services to clean up and manage your online reputation. It may cost you money, but will definitely ensure that only positive materials rise on search engine results.

So what are you waiting for? Start cleaning up that negative past now!

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