Online Reputation Management – How to control and manage

Online Reputation Management - How to control and manage

It is not surprising to know that someone’s reputation is getting smashed all on a sudden, especially in the online media. A bad reputation does affect an individual at a personal level, and it does cause lots of headache, heartache, paperwork, and costs.

As far as a business or a brand is concerned, there are definite possibilities of risk mitigation & compliance issues and trademark defence costs and reputation plunging down regardless of having been created gradually over years or even decades! Well, it could just be any trigger. What’s more, it can even be a mistaken identity. Or probably you are unfortunate enough to share the same name and credentials as someone that gets in trouble.

Rather it could probably be malicious from intruders or cyber hackers that are keen on stealing your identity or filing false tax returns so as to claim fake refunds. May be they want it to appear like you were the one that did something wrong while in reality it happened to be someone else who is pretending to be you.

Of course, this problem appears to be multi-faceted in the sense that it can arise from almost any dimension and take place at any time, most probably instantly – thanks to the extensive linkages existing between social media, content, and search.

Content, social media & search – This triangulation has been mentioned before since it relates mostly to cyber security as well as how all of us have to look at this inter-relationship and its impact on each one of us.

At this juncture, it is critical for everyone to understand that real life – offline (not the digital experiences) at present can & will get transmitted to others instantly with/without your consent and with/without your knowledge.

Even the little everyday things such as getting coffee and getting dressed and private conversations, especially between two people are likely to become potential food for reputation trashing, instant intent smearing and persistent online harassment – all these happen just because another person had his/her Smartphone ON too!

The scariest thing is that this happens without the use of any harsh or harmful emails/comments or saying out of place things or indulging in immoral or illegal things.

The above content is merely for those regular people who now tend to find themselves in the common potential trap of someone that decides to make an online mockery of them – just because someone else decided to do so!

But then, unfortunately, some individuals are out there doing things so as to disrupt their families, friends, their businesses, & themselves by purpose (willingly).

In fact, there is a whole group of individuals doing such things on a daily basis, hoping nobody will come forward to post their baggage online & trash them. Moreover, some people even think that it can never possibly happen to them. They believe that they happen to be above recrimination for whatever likings they seem to engage in.

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