Removal | Scrubbing | Burying of defamatory Post link from Google

Removal of defamatory links and contents from the internet is something which forms an important part of the online marketing agenda of a company. Similarly, it is also necessary for the people who have false or abusive contents in the web publicising them in a negative manner. Such contents or links will create a negative impression about an organization or an individual and prevent them reaching their goals. Removal, scrubbing or burying  of these negative links in an effective manner can be done effectively, so that they cannot defame the person or company under consideration any further.

Removing these defamatory links from Google is not easy. It requires the involvement of an experienced service provider. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind in this respect:

  • First of all, you need to have an account of your own in the social networking sites like Google, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. However, the more you become active on these platforms, more are the chances of having people posting negative links about you. So you need to keep track on what people are thinking about you and what links they are posting about you.
  • The deletion must be done from the original source of the link before Google notices it. Say for example, someone has incorporated a defamatory link in the Google about you or your company. Now your job is to remove the same in order to maintain a positive image for yourself or your organization. You may think that removing it from Google will solve your problem. But it is not really so.

Google is not the original source of the content. So removing it from here will not be the ultimate solution. You need to find out the exact position of the item and then scrub it from there. This type of content is usually hosted on a blog such as WordPress, Blogspot,Tumblr or other such platforms.

  • There are certain things which cannot be removed once posted. So you need to be careful that you do not end up posting some defamatory links accidentally or can prevent others from posting such links about you. In short, you need to be conscious about what your employees or competitors are doing and need to prevent them from posting links with negative intents. Remember that once shared or published, you may not be able to remove them in any way.
  • You must establish contacts with people who are authorised to remove such links or can help you in some other way. Tech-savvy people with proper knowledge in this field may also prove to be helpful.
  • It might be that you have removed the link from its original source but this change does not reflect in the search results of Google. ? You will find the link to persist in the Google search results and need to remove the same using Google URL Removal tool. The steps that you need to perform in this case are:
  • Click on the “New Removal Request” button
  • Paste the link to the site which requires to be updated
  • You will have to specify a reason and can select the option “the Page has changed and Google’s cached version is out of date” for the purpose.
  • Submit your request and wait for the approval
  • You can also appeal to the search engines like Google to take legal actions against this if you feel that the links posted about you are against any law or rule. There are various grounds on which you may charge the publisher of these links.

You may seek help from the service-providers so that they can guide you in a professional way. This will relive you from the headache and ensure effective results. For this, you should find the right-provider for yourself who are dedicated in their work and efficient enough to handle this type of issues.

So do not waste a while if you find people sharing defamatory links about you in. Take immediate action to remove them and free yourself from all the negativity around you!

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