Social Media Customer Service: How Fast is Fast?

Social Media Customer Service: How Fast is Fast?

Social media customer service is gaining popularity these days. More and more companies are connecting and responding to their customers via social media outlets. But, what about the average time taken by a company to respond via its social media channels?

Recently, Eptica put out a study that evaluated the ability of 500 US retailers to respond via social media channels by asking 10 routine questions. And, shockingly, the average time taken by most of these retailers to reply was profoundly disappointing.

Given below are several facts and stats:

• Average response time for Facebook – one day, 3 hours & 7 minutes
• Average response time for Twitter – one day, 7 hours & 12 minutes
• Average response time for email – 7 hours & 51 minutes

Don’t you think this is absolutely nuts?! If you have a problem, and you contact the prospective company, the last thing you want is waiting for a minimum of 8 hours for a response. Maybe, you just have a very simple question, and you are not even angry or upset. But, the frustration of waiting for hours or a day or more for a single response from the company’s side, chances are more for a simple question to turn probably out into a customer service debacle!

Even the most tolerant customers experience frustration when there is a long delay in response. Also, the Eptica study polled 1000 consumers regarding how long they would wait when connected with firms via these social media channels. Though a majority of consumers do accept longer wait times, it is noted that their patience doesn’t seem to last so long as the average company puts them on the wait. In fact, as far as Twitter and Facebook are concerned, the numbers aren’t even close.

• 85% of consumers that use Facebook want an answer within 6 hours.
• 64% of consumers that use Twitter want an answer in an hour.
• 77% of consumers will not wait over six hours to receive an email response.

Well, this data appears gloom and doom regarding customer service; however, there is some good news. You know what? There are a few rock stars who put others to shame. A few of these amazing companies respond surprisingly within just a minute or less! Yes, you read it right! Within a minute or less!!

Of course, quick response is crucial! This report will help you determine which industry you are in. And, if you feel that back to back response doesn’t fit in, you are probably wrong. The industry and even the numbers don’t really matter; a quick response is a universal concept and should apply everywhere. A customer wants an answer when he or she has a question regarding your company, product or service. If there is a problem, customers want it resolved right away. And, it is pretty obvious that most of them don’t wish to wait for a day or two to get a response or answer.

So, it is time to take action regarding your social media customer service. To retain customers, a very quick response is mandatory.