Social Media Marketing For Human Resources

Social Media Marketing For Human ResourcesToday, we’re inundated with information from many sources. In fact, we don’t even have to seek information anymore, it finds us. Added to this, is our need to continuously communicate with each other as human beings.

This sharing of information through communication has existed for thousands of years, however, it has been increased, expanded and sometimes exploited because of the Social Media Revolution.

Social media is seen by many HR pros as another obstacle in the workplace. Ok, so its obvious how our sales force could benefit from networking in social media and it’s also necessary to keep track of what our consumers are saying about our services/products/ideas, but other than that, there seems to be a lack of knowledge as to the benefits to social media for all aspects of the workforce. Well, HR people I’ve got three specifics gifts for you within social media tools to give you more time, spend less money and have more opportunity.

Let’s take a look at the traditional HR guy (and guy is legally recognized as a non-gender specific term). He’s reactionary putting out fires all of the time; his solutions are costly and very limited because he is reactionary and his work is determined by everyone else’s timeframe. Sound familiar?

Now let’s look at the modern day HR pro who is more digitally savvy (doesn’t that just sound cool). And beyond cool, she is proactive always searching for new ideas/solutions; her solutions are less costly because she has more tools and time to draw from and she works within her timeframe. Much better, right?!

I’m talking about adding social media to the mix of your HR resources. There are many opportunities to learn, network and recruit within these tools. And I want to share three with you here: Facebook (F), LinkedIn (L) and Twitter (T).

Learning happens every time someone updates their status on any of these tools. Now sometimes there may be more or less value to these updates, depending on who you friend (F); connect with (L) or follow (T). So, be selective and organize your connections. You can also learn more about common causes or particular organizations through groups (F) and (L) as well as pages (F). And you can ask questions or read responses through discussions (L); surveys (F) and tweets (T). You can also find out what books your connections favor by looking at their reading lists (L), you can find events that pertain to your interests (L) and you can learn in small, manageable chunks by reading links connected to your followers’ tweets (T).

Networking is the key to success in finding solutions, because as individuals we’re limited to only our specific experiences. By networking, we tap into the ideas/solutions of many others (some we may not even know can assist us). Connecting happens with friends; fans; events (F); with connections, groups and the search feature (L) and with followers; (use the hashtag symbol – #humanresources as an example) and the lists of your followers (T). By using the concept of six degrees of separation, we in theory are connected by six people to everyone in the world today. But, this assumes you network with people other than just the ones you work with, live near or share similar interests.

Recruiting with social media is a beautiful thing. Its efficient, its very cost effective and its available 24/7 within your local community or worldwide. Traditional recruiters have to revamp their entire business model because of social media. You can take out paid ads and develop jobs in pods podcasts (F); you can update your status, post paid and unpaid jobs and search for specific people or companies (L) and tweet and link to your jobs postings (landing pages) (T). In addition, there is great value in creating simple recruitment videos to highlight your employment branding while sharing your resources with customers. These videos can be added to your company website, tweeted (T); posted (F) and updated (L).

When you try out some of these low cost, easy opportunities within one of these tools, you’ll discover a new perspective of social media. And once you see the application to HR with social media, you’ll certainly start to connect the value of social media to other aspects of your organization. These tools evolve constantly, so today’s applications are just a snapshot. You’re certain to find other effective ideas with the investment of time.

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