Local SEO Pricing

  • Local SEO Pricing – Factors that determine Local SEO Pricing

Having a website has become imperative, for small businesses, now-a-days. With hundreds of local business having their own websites, the local SEO competition can be challenging. To stay in the game, you must at least make it to the first 10 results on SERP’s (Google, Bing or Yahoo), when potential customers do a local search.

Virtual Social Media’s Local SEO service provides local internet marketing solutions for small businesses that need to penetrate the local searches, in their specific region. We get you to your target market by optimizing your website for local search on search engines and mobile devices.

So, how do you budget for local SEO? The pricing and rates are dictated by factors such as the client’s goals, the level of competition on a certain niche market and the client’s preferred investment.

  • Local SEO Pricing – What should Local SEO cost

Local businesses should know the standard pricing of local SEO services to avoid paying exorbitantly, for limited services.

  • Local SEO Pricing – How is it decided

The rates and charges are decided based on the amount of activities / strategies on each packages and the preferred timeframe or length of the duration within which the providers will be accomplishing local search engine optimization. At Virtual Social Media, you can choose from our local packages: bronze, silver and gold – with rates that differ according to the objectives of the campaigns.

Our prices are carefully predetermined. We ensure our clients competitive and reasonable prices. We also offer customized packages that will fit your unique needs, without hurting your budget.

Every Virtual Social Media services package is tailor fit as per the client’s requirements. Pricing varies depended on clients’ niche and marketing objective of the campaign.

Get in touch with our Search Marketing Strategists via our contact form  to discuss the right package for you.

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