Social Media Marketing: Political Election Campaign Propaganda

Social Media Marketing: Political Election Campaign Propaganda

The Power of Social Media Marketing Can Bring You Political Victory

Typically, TV ads, public appearances, debates and flyers are part of a political campaign. But keeping at par with the changing times, political candidates are also adopting social media marketing to educate and engage voters. Social media has become one of the major sources of information for voters. Being one of the busiest activities on smartphones and mobile devices, social media can be a great medium to connect with the voters on an individual level. Campaigning on social media can be a rigorous marketing strategy to magnetize votes and win elections. With more and more people moving rapidly towards a technological and digital era, social media marketing for political campaigns are definitely on the rise.

Social Media Marketing Can Help in Reaching Out to Youngsters

A large percentage of social media users are youngsters. So, social media marketing can be an effective step towards re-energizing the young minds and getting them involved. FaceBook is one of the most efficient platforms for reaching out to the youngsters, simply because it is home to millions of people, and it is a place where a user can share things with a broader network of friends and friends of friends. While SnapChat has also come up as a great tool to get in touch with young voters, FaceBook still remains the force to drive the most results. Remember, social media is not just for kids, and a political candidate does not need to look cool for them. But it can definitely help to have the youngsters on your side. The user generated content posted on these mediums can authentically spread your word. If a youngster supports you, he will spread your word without asking, and you will be joined by many more to make a chain.

Spreading Your Word With Social Media Marketing

Activities like sharing, liking and commenting can actually help your political campaign. Your followers can show their support towards you through these activities. When your political ad appears on almost every fifth post on a user’s social media page, you are bound to become popular. People will automatically start thinking that you are going through a high stake election in which they should also participate. Voters’ friends can be your best campaigning messengers. People will more willingly trust a post that their friend shared, rather than a post shared by a politician. Your supporters will spread your word on your behalf, and evangelize in an authentic and trustworthy way.

Building a network on social media for your political campaign can actually give you a leg up in the upcoming elections. Your followers will instantly check your campaign out, provide their feedback, and help in your promotions without much effort. Some of the top social media marketing platforms include FaceBook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Vine etc. You can post every kind of advertising material on these platforms, including your campaign press releases, news articles, website updates, event alerts, blog posts, endorsements etc. But once you start campaigning on social media, stick to it and stay active on it. Letting your social media account go stagnant can be more damaging to your reputation rather than helping it.