How to Use Linkedin for Business and Marketing

How to Use Linkedin for Business and Marketing

LinkedIn has attracted more than a whopping 225 million people from across 200 nations of the world.People who want to exploit social media for marketing their products and boost sales can straightaway opt for LinkedIn for business and marketing,which will leverage their online marketing efforts.

LinkedIn offers immense potential as a marketing tool because of the access it provides to crucial information about business professionals.

The simple fact is you should know how to use Linkedin to strengthen your sales efforts and expand your customer base and how to develop relationships with your prospects on this social network.

  • It is imperative to maintain a robust company profile on LinkedIn to enable existing as well as prospective customers and  clients to stay up to date on your products/services and business offerings.
  • Accord importance to search engine optimization (SEO) techniques so that you can expand the visibility of your business profiles.
  • Please remember that groups on LinkedIn are a great way to increase your exposure among other businesses and marketing professionals, so also the industries you are targeting.
  • Linkedin provides for targeted ad products and that is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of. LinkedIn is growing at a rate of one hundred new members per hour.  You will find a huge percentage of the potential leads on LinkedIn to be productive.
  • When using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, set some pragmatic goals and post to LinkedIn Company Pages, Groups and your own personal accounts.
  • Allow for a month for publishing regularly on LinkedIn and then analyze what content fates well in terms of activity as also end-result.
  • LinkedIn cannot be treated as another billboard.  A number of businesses resort to auto-publishing positioned between their blogs and social networks.  But, it is lot more preferable to schedule two thought provoking posts a day than auto-publishing.  Open with a question rather than just posting a link.
  • To get thorough mileage out of LinkedIn for lead generation, promote and share links to the landing pages in your Company Status Updates.
  • Exploit fully your product and service section and leverage recommendations and make sure to thank your recommenders.

Your Turn:

What is your Linkedin business marketing strategy ? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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