Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

The generally used social networking sites are either used for bragging, or stacking ex-boy friends, few of them are also used for business purposes; usually click-through that doesn’t really excites me. But, I have recently come across a totally different concept of networking -twitter. It helps me connect with many experts and entrepreneurs, and makes me wish to be on the brink of social media.

Few tips have been put together to become a social media expert using TWITTER:

be a part of twitter ASAP:

TWITTER is a social networking media tool where you can not state more than 140 characters. This service has increased my clicks up to 800 unique clicks per day. Today many popular brands are using TWITTER to spread their business across.

Networking with new PR professionals and brands helps you to grow your business and spread it across the globe. I myself follow at least 100 new “TWEEPS” daily, it guarantees more followers, more the followers, more your business will spread. The main benefit using TWITTER is that you put a voice behind a brand and making it come alive a bit more, it makes people more familiar and comfortable with you.


Getting proper Google feeds is the most important thing for your business; you should allow feeds for most likely words that may find your site. You should also keep a check on Google feeds of your competitor’s sites to check how they are leveraging social media tools for their business.

Try and reach out for the other columnist dealing with the same job, keep tracks of interesting bloggers, read new trips and tricks. There are many bloggers who constantly write how to enhance your business using social media tools. You can also try other networking media tools and remain subsidize to their feedbacks. Play around with your feeds and you’ll find other social media experts who appeals to your interests.


You should always keep yourself up to date, subscribe to sites like RSS feeds to be aware of what’s new and popular and be well rounded in tech knowledge.virtual_social_media

Time management

Time management is the most important factor responsible for business growth, only learning new trends or checking mails and messages repeatedly wont help. You should cleverly manage time between communicating with your tweeps, reading your messages, update, check Google feeds or read articles, make notes wherever possible, and avoid repeating same things. Besides you should also communicate with your TWITTERS daily on TWITTER to let them grow familiar with you. Try printing out the articles and reading them later, like while shopping or a haircut.

exploration helps

You should not limit your exploration to TWITTER or few other related sites, check for social networks that are popular at different places or countries, follow the international users, students and researchers. Networking with businessmen and professionals helps a lot to increase your business.

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