5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand With LinkedIn Marketing

5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand With LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an excellent platform that helps in career networking and personal & business promotion. Many people are loyal to the site since it creates plenty of professional networks. The site resembles other popular sites like Facebook, but it targets specific audience that is advantageous to many businesses. Besides, several strategies used to enhance the presence of businesses online are either simple to use or free. The following are five smart methods you can use to improve your presence online.

1. Incorporate your company in LinkedIn

This might sound funny, but many enterprises are yet to open an account in LinkedIn. Experts recommend that clients should strive to fill in all the gaps provided in the tabs. These include: a Twitter feed link, a good logo and comprehensive overview of the business among other essential things that would make your profile informative to your clients. In the account you have established, you will be able to show off what you got. The site does allow users to exhibit their contents in 640 x 220 pixel photos. Everyone likes photos, and these pictures help in giving a perfect presentation of what your firm does best.

2. Acquire recommendation from other users

If you are friendly, you are definitely cool. When you are setting up your LinkedIn page, you will be offered an option of choosing whether you would like getting recommendations automatically. In fact, you should allow your account to receive recommendations by default since you will need several of them. Just like other contents you find in the LinkedIn, you need to rewrite and tailor the request messages to your needs. This is guaranteed to boost the response of your recommendation requests.

3. Use visuals to get potential clients an inside look of your company

Get a high-quality camera and use it in taking images of your premises, staff at work or your products. A glimpse of your business premises and products is adequate to attract the loyalty of clients. In some cases, you will not even need to purchase a costly camera because many Smartphone’s at the moment can be used in taking short videos and images that gives slight impression of your business in the background.

4. Utilize status updates precisely like in Facebook

Just like you share your thoughts and incite in Facebook, you can also update new contents on your LinkedIn page daily. Studies done on the companies in this site shows that over 50% of its users follow companies. This simply implies that there is abundant room to facilitate more connections of your fans to your LinkedIn account. There are several strategies that can be used in turning your status update into traffic and sometimes sales.

5. Utilize the LinkedIn events’ page to promote your offline functions

If you are planning an important event, create a page where your colleagues would be able to see what you are up to. Each time an individual accepts to attend the event; the status would automatically appear on their profile thereby extending the reach of the event. [This feature has been closed effective November 26, 2012]

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