Reputation Management Pricing

Online Personal Reputation Management Pricing

How will you protect my online reputation?

Every Reputation Management provider online gives the same guarantee- to protect your online reputation. However, the aspects that differentiate all reputation management companies are the processes and the strategies they employ.

At Virtual Social Media, we safeguard your reputation with our preventive and combative strategies as we firmly believe that PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE. We not only combat detractors and negative content on the internet, but we also ascertain that our clients can be rest assured that we will keep their reputation guarded by instituting preventive measures.

How will the negative news be removed from the search engines?

Preventive reputation management is implemented using various strategies like creating positive content and constant distribution of content through the network of websites, blogs, social media and more. We keep track of the conversations that have relevance to your brand and stay updated on the buzz and news that might affect your brand and influence your brand reputation online.

Negative content is inevitable. No matter how you diligently source out positive content, negative ones will always pop out on the search pages. Virtual Social Media will take care of the clean up job for you by combating all harmful contents with an ongoing process where we will push negative content down to lower ranks and literally hide that content forever.

We use various combative techniques to suppress the negative information online and ensure that the negative feedback is turned to positive online perception. The negative publicity elimination process has to be done progressively in order to make sure that harmful contents do not comeback on search pages.

How is the pricing determined?

Online Reputation Management rates and cost vary depending on the client’s status and the packages they choose to purchase. Reputation Management prices will be determined depending on how bad the damage is on the client’s reputation and how much effort and time is needed to clean up the negative hype.

The Reputation Management prices will depend on different packages. One may avail either preventive reputation management or combative reputation management or get both services in one package. Time frame and duration to rectify and redeem the reputation online is also a major factor in determining the prices.

Every Virtual Social Media services package is tailor-made as per the client’s requirements. Pricing varies depending on clients’ niche and objective of the campaign.

5 Reasons to Hire Virtual Social Media

  • Vast experience in handling Online Reputation Management (ORM) for individuals, small and large businesses, corporates and government (ruling and opposition) accounts in various countries.
  • Privacy and confidentiality are strictly maintained for all accounts.
  • Only company in the world to have more than 10,000+ online marketers exclusively for Online Reputation Management (ORM) services.
  • In-house native writers, translators, public relations specialist, videographers, graphic artists, cartoonists, voice over specialists, ethical hackers, bloggers, search and social media experts, news reporters, viral marketers, data analysts, influencers, outreach specialists and customized end-to-end 24/7 keyword monitoring team.
  • Quick turnaround of actions and results with complete benchmark data.

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