7 Simple Facts You Should Know About Facebook Advertising

7 Simple Facts You Should Know About Facebook Advertising

As of September 2015, a whopping figure of more than one billion daily active users is using Facebook! At present, the platform is more popular in the advertising industry than ever before. Well, there are even more facts about Facebook, especially its ads and stats that are not very popular.

Seven facts you probably didn’t know about Facebook advertising

  1. Most Facebook users are outside of North America

While Facebook started its journey in the US, a majority of users are at present outside of North America. As if Sep 2015, nearly 83.5% of active users of Facebook are outside Canada and the US, eventually leaving North America with a small percentage of active Facebook users: less than 17%.

  1. Facebook ads can appear elsewhere

Okay, there is an “Audience Network” in Facebook. It is possible for advertisers to access this network and run ads which eventually show up on mobile applications. The Audience network aims at meeting specific objectives like driving application installs and engagement. Here, the targeting options include core audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

  1. The active user base of Facebook is still growing

Many people believe that Facebook is likely to have reached a plateau and stability has been arrived at, regarding the number of active users. Well, this is not the case. In 2015, the number of monthly active users of Facebook has reached 1.55 billion in Sep 2015 from 1.49 billion in Jun 2015. And, this is an increase of about 4% which is a decent number.

  1. Facebook offers more targeted choices for boosted posts

When managing your Facebook page, you may have come across the little box that says “promote this post”. Rather than boosting your post from there, it is a great idea to boost posts via the Facebook Power Editor. In fact, doing so will gain you access to more and more targeting options whenever you promote posts. For example, you can choose to break it down by placement or device you wish to show up for, and you can define more elements like ethnicity, income, liquid assets, household composition, type of car that people drive and so much more.

  1. For Facebook ads, there is availability of accelerated delivery

A lot of businesses today use standard delivery when it comes to Facebook ads. Provided you have an ad or a landing page that converts well, then you must consider accelerated delivery because it serves ads in the quickest possible manner. Though this may strain your budget a little, you will be potential enough to serve maximum demand in a short period. Many are not aware of the existence of Accelerated delivery or they often overlook it. Accelerated delivery is very much there and you can access it in the advanced options in the ad sets settings.

  1. Facebook is improving its algorithms on a constant basis

Apart from enhancing Facebook Ads, in general, Facebook is working constantly on improving its algorithms for cost per acquisition (CPA) bidding. There are several forms of bidding strategies Facebook has and of these, CPA bidding works quite well. CPS bidding seems to work very well especially when you have sufficient amount of conversion data. It is capable of generating targeted and profitable volume; moreover, it consistently learns what works for you and what doesn’t.

  1. There are over 600 targeting options in Facebook ads

Most of the people are aware of the fact that Facebook ads have the potential to target not only the various geographic locations like cities and zip codes but the demographics including age, gender and relationship status as well. The mighty social giant gathers much more information than just that, ultimately resulting in a minimum of 600 targeting options that include home type, household income, education level, household composition, home ownership status, newly engaged couples, parents of children with particular ages, expats, new vehicle buyers, a number of buyer profiles, frequent travelers, people that buy online on a frequent basis and a lot more.

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