Best Tips for B2B Companies on Social Media Marketing

Best Tips for B2B Companies on Social Media Marketing

As is known to many, the use of social media for marketing campaigns has risen exponentially during recent times.  Amongst other reasons, social media marketing campaigns are very cost-effective, the audience is growing at a rapid pace and more and more people are turning to their online peers/ business associates for guidance, referrals and other information.

A recent survey has found that over 88 percent of B2B decision makers use social media during the buying process. By following a few simple but effective B2B social media marketing tips, you can accomplish all your SMM ( Social Media Marketing) objectives and contentedly watch your business healthily grow.

Social media, for B2B, is about building relationships and that calls for patience as it takes time. Decide whom you want to engage and understand the social media landscape pertaining to your business.Please know that B2B clients, as opposed to B2C clients, tend to be less attracted to any fabulous deals, such as a whopping discount, free delivery, extended credit period etc.

B2B transactions are all about reliability and trustworthiness and quality of goods.B2B clients can be better lured through knowledge sharing, so concentrate on sharing important industry related news.

For B2B companies, make sure that you focus your social media campaign in constructing long-term relationships that endure and perennially brings you sales.Social media is not a platform for blatant advertisement of one’s own products/services. Social media is about listening, understanding and positively responding.

Try to introduce references about your company in between other sources of industry-related information – without, however, losing sight of your business values, beliefs and goals.

Simply stated, social media is nothing but the digital version of word of mouth selling. Monitoring social media platforms for B2B dealings is essential. It should be your constant endeavor to find out what the buying community really thinks about your products and a way for you to truly engage with clients.

Write great content and share it on-line to make others aware of it and encourage them to amplify it by sharing it further. RSS feeds are a great way to distribute content on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media is one of the most effective marketing weapons for B2B segment with many companies using platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to raise awareness, generate sales leads and acquire customers.

Your Turn:

What is your social media marketing  strategy  for B2B companies? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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