Developing a Social Media Strategy for your Business

Do you have a specific social media strategy checklist in place? A checklist that will direct and establish your online business priorities on a daily basis, in a qualified way. Are you letting social media run you,while your scramble around, go here, over there and everywhere on the net. Trying to get it all done?

Do you know where to go first everyday after you post and RSS your blog? What next? Who,where and what to prioritize? It is crucial for you to have a social media strategy checklist firmly rooted,so you can amass traffic,achieve high conversion and get consistent financial growth.

Are you looking for a “secret weapon” for getting you up to speed on all key topic areas of internet marketing training?

Do you know what the key topic areas are?

*Internet marketing training.

*Market research training.

*Blog training.

Social Media training

Article marketing.

Video marketing.

PR marketing.

Personal branding.

Search engine optimization

Keyword research.

Keyword placement.

List building

Email marketing training

*Sales training.

*Copywriting training.

*Link building.

*Affiliate marketing training.

*Conversion training.

*Testing and tracking.

What makes the Iduplicate platform so successful?

Saves you time, energy and money. Ease of use.

“Real time results platform” set up for you.

Training information is sequentially organized.

Ongoing updated content from an expert faculty.

Faculty and member moderated forum discussions on all subjects.

Reduces learning curve and allows for clearer understanding.

Takes the guess-work out of the “what do I do next” equation.

More reasons to use the Iduplicate platform system…lessons include:

Step-by-step video training on all key topic areas.

Detailed powerpoint slides for increased comprehension and implementation.

Selected links and resources associated with the lesson – eliminates searching and trial and error.

Time-saving tools- why spend hours on things that could be completed in minutes.

Discussion forums – answering your questions- keeping your progress in momentum.

Homework – keeping you on track with your progress.

Lesson quizzes – testing your knowledge and comprehension.

File downloads – so you can learn on-the-go.

Webinars – conducted by our expert faculty.

And much,much more!

Quick question, do you want 2010 to be your most successful year ever? Of course you do!

Most people getting started online quickly become frustrated by not knowing how to set up the technical side,see poor results, or are overwhelmed and stuck on what to do next and simply give up. Without the right step-by-step “how to training” you will quickly find yourself spending hours or days searching for answers.

Having a simple, easy to follow way to learn,the exact getting started abc’s is the answer. You already know more than you possibly think you could know. Now is the time to take action,make it happen and claim this new decade as your own!

Please check ourĀ Social Media Pricing, Reputation Management Pricing andSocial Media A La Carte Pricing to choose the right social media strategy for your profile or business.