Effective Content Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Effective Content Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Well, needless to mention, content marketing is a major component of successful marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. In fact, content marketing is capable of producing amazing results if done precisely and as 2016 has already begun, it is the ideal time to ensure that your strategy is properly mapped out. Consider the below-mentioned points as you plan and adjust.

It is important to think beyond merely a blog. Never assume that just a blog will fulfill your efforts in content marketing. eBooks, vlogs, webinars, infographics and podcasts are examples of varied forms of content you can probably mix into your content marketing strategy. It is said that the number of videos shared from brands and people in the news feed of Facebook is increasing exponentially year after year. Of course, videos are easy to share, and it is a kind of visual content end users just love to engage with. Moreover, the popularity of vlogging seems to rise as well; it, certainly, is a wonderful way to bring in your target market into your world.

Don’t hesitate or fear about offering information for free. Well, there is no denying the fact that content marketing is an effective way to position not only your business but yourself as an expert as well. So, don’t be afraid to provide your audience some valuable information for free. As you offer pure value on and off without asking for favors in return, a few of those people that continued to absorb your content will slowly start converting into leads and eventually sales.

Content marketing is beneficial to almost every business regardless of whether it is B2C (Business – to – Customer) or B2B (Business –to-Business). Yes, content marketing works for everyone and all kind of marketing efforts. Though the concept remains the same, a tailored approach is required for each a little differently.

Identify the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which help you determine your content marketing’s success or failure. Of course, it is not always an easy task to track the return on your content marketing because only 21% of content marketers state that they have seen success when tracking return on investment. Each business has different KPIs; so, it is crucial that you identify what the KPIs of your business are before you start. A few examples of KPIs of content marketing include:
• Content asset downloads
• Number of website visits
• Number of social shares
• Inbound links earned
• Bounce rate
• Time spent on page
• Number of leads generated
• Cost per click
• Cost per lead
• Revenue generated
• Rate of conversion

Ensure that you widen your horizons of your online marketing. It is obvious that content marketing is capable of producing amazing results, and it is an effective way to boost your business; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you must put all the eggs in a single basket. You must build brand awareness and drive website traffic, positive leads and sales form some channels including email, social media, PPC, display ads and SEO to name a few.

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