Effective Facebook Marketing Services

Effective Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook can assist you to drive and also attract a load of traffic to your website, build a profitable brand, and create a community that is loyal to you.  This is because Facebook today is a powerhouse.  This means that Facebook must be a part of every one who is starting up a marketing plan.  There are  new Facebook fan page designs and for this reason, you should be able to use effective Facebook marketing services for your products and services.

If you already have an existing Facebook page, then you will be able to recognize the major changes that have been put in place.  These changes appear on the timeline cover photo which provides you with a great opportunity to make an impact on any one who visits the page while using the cover photo.  The other thing that has changed is the “About” information that has been moved to below the cover photo.  You also have a total of 10 boxes for your Apps.  Now, you need to start the effective Facebook marketing services to assist you get the attention, visitors, and fans that you need. Your start-up and branding starts with your cover photo.  Choose the right cover photo for your timeline.  By putting the right cover photo, you can make your brand, but if you put the wrong cover photo, then chances are that you will break your brand.  Think about the following size of the photo.  Facebook recommends a photo that is size 851 x 315 pixels.  Make sure that you resize it until you get the right size.

For effective Facebook marketing services, you also need to follow the Facebook rules.  The rules do not allow you to post any promotions, advertisements, or even coupons.  Prices and purchase information is also restricted.  You will be required to create status updates for the new business the same way as you update your personal account.  You can then post a link to your wall where you only copy and paste and then Facebook will capture the link preview.  The other way of effective Facebook marketing services is by pasting a YouTube Video where you only need to copy and paste the link, then Facebook will capture the video and your fans shall be able to view it on Facebook.

The other things that you can do are; highlight a specific update, upload photos or videos, post a milestone and also pin a specific status update at the top.  The best thing with effective Facebook marketing services is that you can focus your aim on the group that sees your updates on the Facebook fan pages by using the demographic option.  You can also change the dates when you want the updates to be shared.  This means that you can change the date manually by clicking the pencil icon and hitting change date.  Another way of effective Facebook marketing services is that you can optimize your Apps and also customize content so that you can bring more attention to them.

On the Apps, if at all you have created one or two, you can then display this in one of the boxes that are found underneath the cover photo.  On the likes, there are 12 boxes situated below the cover photo, one of the boxes is taken over by the number of likes you have, and another one is taken over by your personal photo.  You will also be able to customize the order of boxes.  Since the photo box is always in the first position, you can re-arrange the other three spaces for effective Facebook marketing servicesThis way you will be able to display your best content in those positions, be it an App, a photo, event details, or even call for action to subscribe.  There is the new admin panel that gives you an at-a-glance look at your very important pieces of information.

One of the new features of the panel is the notifications where the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed has been added.  This will be loved by anyone who wants to manage many pages.  You will be required to subscribe to the RSS feed in order for you to see all notifications in your RSS reader.  There is also the new “likes” feature where you will be able to see new fans by clicking on the “See All” in the new likes section.  Once you drop down, you will be able to see which Facebook fans have liked your page.  Use the most effective Facebook marketing services to advertise your goods and services.

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