Employee Advocacy and Social Media Marketing

Employee Advocacy and Social Media Marketing

Many people might wonder what Employee Advocacy is. Employee advocacy is a term that people use when they are referring to the exposure you can get when your employees share your content on their personal social channels.

In today’s online world, employee advocacy has assumed enormous importance. The advantage is employees can go into various other social channels that are outside your brand’s social strategy.

For instance, your strategy might be confined to Facebook and Twitter, whereas your staff is on other channels, like LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit or Pinterest. So your brand acquires that much-extended reach.

Of course, your brand also gains the extra publicity when your employees talk to their friends and relatives. It’s that loyalty and trust that you may not be able to obtain as a brand, but your employees can earn it for you.

The more employees you have, the more effective will be the employee advocacy. Yours may be a big company, a global company, but your digital team may be relatively small. Employee advocacy will be a remarkable weapon for you.

Employee advocacy can prove a huge driver of traffic for you. Employee advocacy will also build valuable relationships with your existing and prospective customers. If you do not take advantage of employee advocacy, your customer-base may not grow, and your sales will gradually plummet.

Employee advocacy is also beneficial to the employees. The employees are perceived as gurus, as the go-to person if some prospect wants to know anything about your brand.

Consumers will personally contact the employee if they have any issues with your brand. They will not consider the employee as someone who works for your company, but as their own man at your company.

So, if prospects have any questions on your latest offers or if they think they can get any special deals or any of our products, they will come to the employee because they know they can benefit him/her.

It is useful for employers to empower employees, as consumers will already see your employees as a useful kind of hub. There are various examples of prominent brands that rewardingly use employee advocacy and even incentivize the scheme to motivate employees to participate actively.

Frame proper guidelines and let employees know to an extent they can commit. Train all employees how to communicate with the customers. This may be a tedious task to go through but bear in mind the immense benefits that employee advocacy can fetch for your company.

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