Facebook Advertising: How to Run Successful Social Media Business Campaign?

Facebook Advertising: How to Run Successful Social Media Business Campaign?

It is a fact that today Internet users are spending more time on social media platforms like Facebook than ever before. As a businessman, you should obviously be appreciating the importance of Facebook ads as a powerful means to connect millions of online visitors to your business.

Earlier, Google Adwords was the only choice for advertisers to sell their products. It is now no longer the case. With the emergence of Facebook ads, businesses could specifically target people coming on to the Facebook.

Although Facebook can never be a substitute for Google Adwords but still it offers an effective alternative.  If you plan to run an advertising campaign on Facebook then you need to create the right type of ad campaign for getting optimum exposure.

For a perfect Facebook advertisement campaign, you need to first identify your audience. If you know the target audience well, you can create ads that will appeal to them.

It is often said and worth reiterating that a picture is worth a thousand words. Most people are attracted by the graphics or the visuals you select in your ads. If you have an image of high quality, people landing to your Facebook page will be truly enamored. The onus is on you to select a high quality image that is relevant and appropriate to the Facebook ad campaign you are running.

Your ads must be aimed at your target audience and should grab the attention of a visitor the moment he /she sees the advertisement. It is always better to create at least six ads because it will be necessary for rotating.

Sponsored stories are the magic formulas and it has a great conversion rate as more people reportedly click on those ads. Sponsored stories are one of the major milestones that took place with the Facebook ads.

CPM is very good option if you want to pay for cost per impression rather for clicks. If you feel that you are short of budget paying for clicks then you could go for cost per impression.

If you are new to bidding with budget constraints then bidding for CPM is best for you. But, to get quick and effective result you have to bid for clicks.

You must decide on the right timings to show the ads. You have to do sufficient research to ascertain which time of the day converts better.

Your Turn:

What is your Facebook advertising strategy ? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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