Find the Right Facebook Audience with Targeting Capabilities

Find the Right Facebook Audience with Targeting Capabilities

Targeting is exactly what makes Facebook advertising strikingly different from many other social media channels. You can easily target anything you put into your Facebook profile – be it age, gender, relationship status, location, hobbies, interests, literacy standards etc.

In fact, the audience selector enables you easily select a specific audience.

  • When you share with ‘Public’ option that means anyone including even outsiders to Facebook can view it.
  • When you opt for ‘Friends of Friends’, your audience will include not only your friends but also any friends that they may have.
  • ‘Friends (+ friends of anyone tagged)’is an option that allows you to post stuff to your friends on Facebook. If people are tagged in a post, then the audience becomes enlarged to include the tagged person and their friends.
  • Then there is the ‘Only Me’ option that lets you to post content to your Timeline that is visible only to you. However, if you happen to tag someone in ‘Only Me’ post, then they will be able to view the post.
  • When you opt for ‘Custom’, you can judiciously share information with a specific group of people, or hide it from specific group of people. ‘Custom’ option also offers you the choice to share with networks you belong to.

The biggest advantage of Facebook is that instead of waiting for your prospects to come to you, you can straightaway carry relevant content to them.

In short, the plethora of targeting capabilities on Facebook is to enable you make the best use of selecting your target audience.

If you are willing to do the required research and gather more of relevant information, the more aptly you can target your Facebook ads and obtain commensurate rewards.

You should be clear in your mind about your target audience, the products/services you are promoting, the area where your prospects abound, what benefits your buyers can derive from using your product etc.

But please remember that with the imposition of every additional targeting parameter you reduce the size of your audience. You must therefore sanely and sensibly exercise your options when selecting your target groups on Facebook.