Holiday Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

Holiday Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

Holidays are a tricky period for a content marketer. It is a time when you may be kind of neglecting your social media marketing strategies. It is pretty obvious that holidays need a special approach, especially if you are working on the consumer side. To get the maximum out of the holiday season, you need more than just fancy cover images.

Well, you don’t have to squeeze your strategy dramatically for the holidays; however, you must have a proper plan to help you

You probably don’t need to tweak your strategy drastically for the holidays, but you should have a plan in place to help you pick seasonal trends and stay away from any kind of social media crises at the end of the year.

Let us discuss a few strategies you can implement in your social media marketing plan during the holiday season.

Pick a holiday theme

Almost every company runs social media holiday campaigns. If you want to offer your brand a distinct framing and to create a good story, pick a holiday theme that you can make use of throughout the season. Make sure this theme is reflected in your designs as well as message.

Do not misuse holidays to sell more

Holidays hold some sort of cultural or religious significance for most people. In other words, you must tread cautiously when using holiday verbiage, imagery and metaphors when it comes to your business marketing. Determine effectively on your target audience and consider how they would respond to the content associated to your holiday campaign. Focus more on brand awareness instead of sales message, wherever and whenever possible.

Adjust posting calendar

Holiday and festival seasons are normally pretty dead as far as social media engagement (business) is concerned. So, adjust your posting calendar according to that so that you don’t irritate your followers with messages that are unwanted which may mix up with updates from their friends and family.

Thank your current customers

During the festival season, it may be tempting for companies to focus more on their promotion so as to attract new customers. But, holidays offer a great opportunity to show your gratitude to your present customer base. You can do that by featuring customer stories on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; sending invites via Facebook for events involving only your customers, and sharing customer-only promotions and previews across all channels.

Contests and Giveaways

Well, holidays are the ideal time of the year to be really generous. By running a contest or giveaway, you can distribute gifts to all your loyal customers/clients. Ensure that you choose something juicy to be shareable; however, not so generic that your social profiles are filled with new followers who may never convert to customers.

Refrain from posting celebration photos

While holidays are a great time for celebration, as far as sharing company celebrations on social media is concerned, it does pay to be a little judicious. A picture or two when the holiday party starts is fine; but, live instagramming the whole evening may not be the best idea. You may have to stay away from posting celebration photos provided your company has faced any performance or reputation issues in the previous year. It is better to avoid a host of hateful comments.

Post follower holiday posts

Though it is not a good idea to share your holiday revels, sharing those of your customers is certainly a great idea. It is even better if your customers post photos that showcase your products/services.

On the whole, with a clear plan, a little careful thought, and extra attention towards your followers, you can definitely drive some wonderful results with your social media marketing strategy in the holiday season.

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