How to attract new customers using Linkedin marketing

How to attract new customers using Linkedin marketing

If you own a business, it is most likely that you already have a LinkedIn account. In the unlikely event of not having an account, it is highly recommended that you immediately register for one, as LinkedIn can be an extremely rewarding tool to attract new customers for your business.

One of the critically important components of LinkedIn is your profile. It is the fundamental requirement of your LinkedIn account and it should be made the hub of all your activities within LinkedIn.  You may present an insight of all basic information about who you are and what you do, through your profile. Your LinkedIn profile invariably comes up as the number one result in a Google search of a person’s name. Therefore, make it a point to ensure that your profile entails complete and up-to-date details of all your experience and expertise.

Your LinkedIn profile must understandably contain relevant keywords that you want to be found for, in searches.  Use keywords in all the critical areas like:

  • Your professional headline
  • Specialties section – found at the bottom of the Summary section of your profile
  • Include as much relevant details as possible under the Summary and Experience
  • Job Titles – current and past work experience job titles
  • Skills section – select skills with relevant keywords
  • Websites – choose the option “Other” which lets you add a title for your website. Insert keywords in this title area.

If you happen to have a Twitter profile you can also link this to your Profile. Under Public Profile URL, you can personalize your profile by using your business name in the URL.

The trick is to write your professional headline more as a marketing slogan and not as a job title.  The permitted size of the professional headline field is 120 characters, so insert keywords seamlessly.

Bear in mind that your name and professional headline are the two primary things that new customers will see when you respond to queries in the Answers section or leave messages in the Group discussion forums.

The essential objective of using LinkedIn is to get found by colleagues, friends, and more importantly new customers.  Having your photo on LinkedIn can straightaway help people identify you, inspire confidence in you, and make you feel like a “real” person to new customers.

One major advantage of LinkedIn is the choice to customize your profile URL.  You can thus customize the web address of your LinkedIn Public Profile.  Make sure to use e your business name in the custom URL as the LinkedIn profile often comes up as the number one result in a Google search.

Presently, the trend is to source more and more suppliers viewing LinkedIn. So, use LinkedIn as a marketing tool and make your profile appealing to your new customers and create a tremendous impact.

A lot of your acquaintances in LinkedIn will make your business gain referrals by a whole lot of new customers. “It’s better to be the best connected than the most connected in social networks,” says Mr. Hoffman, the famous business consultant, in one of his books.

Your Turn:

Have you  used LinkedIn marketing to attract new customers? If so what has been your expereience? If not, what has held you back?

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