How to Determine Reputation Management Pricing

How to Determine Reputation Management Pricing

How to Determine Reputation Management Pricing

Reputation Management generally means knowing what people are saying about your company and using it to make a brand name, presence and reputation.  Reputation management pricing of a SEO company which provides such management services depends on the services they include; like:

  • Research on an active search engine like the Google, Yahoo or the Bing

Determining the pricing for the campaign involves research when the negative link was posted online, this determines as the first strategy  in gauging how much resources will be needed to pull down the articles from the world wide web search listing.

  • Development of an attractive website

Reputation management pricing also involves branding of the individual/company as the updates which can be sent out as text, image or  videos can be sent from owned or earned media.

  • Thoroughly optimised keywords to give good Search engine ranking

Ranking of negative keywords depends on the keyword used in the search listing.To reverse negative listing to drop down from the search there should be tons of content to show up with keywords to rank better in the search engine ranking.

  • Blogging and participating in other social networking sites

    Creating blogs and high ranked pages and posts in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress will certainly enhance in building a better strategy online.

  • Posting of articles on the web

Content is the foremost factor which plays a important role and creating millions of content will get better result.

Reputation management pricing of a good can be judged only after taking all such criteria into consideration.

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