How to Get Event Promoted through Social Media Marketing

How to Get Event Promoted through Social Media Marketing

For many business houses hosting an event means some meager announcement in social media – tweeting out the day and time and maybe writing up a Facebook post to tell people about the date and time of the event. Thereafter it is back to the chaos and stress of planning the event.

If you want your event to be rewarding and successful, you must learn to get the event promoted using the social media marketing techniques. It’s important that you seize all of the opportunities social media has to offer in terms of event promotion.

You may be terribly busy with organizing the event, but that doesn’t mean that promoting the event on social media is something can be overlooked.

Of course, it takes time and energy and when it comes to social promotion. But once you chalk out your social marketing strategy, you’ll find that promoting the event through social media will be easier and much more successful.

Make more people talk about your event on social media as that would mean a significant number of people will attend the event and popularize your brand amidst their social communities. Once you use social media to successfully promote your event, you will earn your brand more visibility.

Create a web page specifically for the event well in advance. This will provide you a marvelous opportunity to feature videos and images, write blog posts, and keep people updated about the event.

This will give you enough space to share your social accounts about the event and hope others share as well. It is also a fabulous opportunity to earn natural links if anyone chooses to mention your event on their website.

It is essential that you create a hashtag for the event. Having a hashtag specifically for the event will help spread brand recognition and unify all of the videos, pictures, and posts that people make about your event. It provides everyone a place to visit, on every social network, if they are searching for anything event-related.

It would be fantastic if you consider creating a promotional video. Before the event starts, create a video to get people more engaged and thrilled about what is going to happen. If you’ve held this event in the past year, use music and video shots from the previous year to create a collage of what to expect.

Once you successfully create a video and have that published on your web page and social media accounts for a while, you can create another video just before the event to tell people what they need to do when they arrive.

During the event hold a contest or some giveaway for social participation. This is an ideal way to involve the attendees and jumpstart higher brand visibility on social media.