How to proactively deal with negative Facebook comments on your brand’s page

How To Handle Negative Reviews On Social Media

It is common knowledge that people rampantly use Facebook to share their latest thoughts and exciting things they have attended recently.  Simply stated Facebook is a place for sharing and exchanging opinions about anything significant with one other.

But the plain truth is – when it comes to sharing, not all posts or comments will be positive. People will also share sparingly the bad experiences they had with your products’ services all over social media, and some of the comments can be really nasty and hugely damaging.

There could be instances of an angry customer venting about the poor service he has received. But the sad part is when most businesses see such angry customer comments, their common reaction would be to delete the comment or not respond to it at all. Nothing can be more suicidal for a business than to ignore or side-step adverse comments/reviews.

When people complain about your business on Facebook, it is important to respond to them – immediately and try to contain the damage.

Every time there’s an adverse review from an angry customer, remember that you’re not just dealing with one individual. You’re in fact dealing with millions of other Facebook users connected to your social platform who are watching how you are handling this angry customer.

When dealing with negative comments, 42 percent of your consumers reportedly expect you to reply within 60 minutes, and more than two third of your consumers expect a reply on the same day.

In the world of Facebook as with every other social platform, speed is crucial; even more in times of a social media disaster.

The fact is that you will always have people complaining about your business, no matter what kind of business you are in and however efficient your services. Facebook is just another channel for them to vent their grievances.

And if you don’t respond to them promptly, this cans your business heavily. Try to get in touch with the complainant, redress his/her grievances, express regret and request them to withdraw the adverse review. In most cases, the complainant agrees to delete the remarks.

Never consider negative feedback as a bad thing. It is in fact a great opportunity to turn a complainer to a loyal customer.

Facebook is a double-edged sword. The advantage will be to connect and build robust relationships with your consumers, and the disadvantage will be satisfactorily handling the negative remarks or feedback.

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