How to Improve Your Linkedin Marketing

How to Improve Your Linkedin Marketing

Apart from being an effective social networking and recruitment site, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B business community.Many research studies have conclusively shown that innumerable B2B marketers had rapidly enlarged their customer base through LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a whopping 250million registered users across the world.

Here are some invaluable tips how you can expand your marketing strategy using LinkedIn:

  • Create an exceptionally attractive company page on LinkedIn replete with visual images and banners. The page must be regularly updated with company updates, sales promotional content, videos, presentations etc.
  • Try to create brand ambassadors from out of your employees and make sure to customize your company page exclusively for your target audience. You should persistently and sedulously build an audience of loyal followers.
  • Do a bit of research to ascertain where exactly your prospects swarm and join those groups. Try to be an active member of the group and optimally interact with them.
  • Spend time to create intelligent and thought-provoking content and share all forms of interesting information that will add value and relevance particularly to people belonging to your industry. Make the content appealing and include pictures, videos and links.
  • Most people are somewhat reluctant to initiate a discussion but once you succeed in creating a discussion, people will enthusiastically join. Take steps to encourage your employees and other friends to comment and engage on your content. You can also deliberately post questions that will elicit replies and a discussion will positively ensue.
  • One success formula is to set up your own group on LinkedIn and assume the role of a thought leader in your industrial sector. Do not loosen your hold on your group and smartly showcase your own content.

As part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you must set your own measurable targets, monitor progress, apply suitable correctives and relax not till the goals are reached.

The ultimate success lies in your ability to generate enquiries about your products/services. If you successfully establish your own LinkedIn group, the onus is on you to lead and moderate the group. Faithfully post content on a regular basis, initiate discussions, induce members to actively participate and offer comments. This process is indeed time-consuming and calls for extra efforts but you know there can be no free lunch.

Your Turn:

What is your Linkedin marketing strategy for businesses ? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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