How to Manage Negativity on Social Media

How to Manage Negativity on Social Media

Social media is today a highly result-oriented tool to promote your brand and boost sales – regardless of the operational nature and size of your business.

Social media helps you connect, engage, and inspire trust with existing and prospective clients, enhance brand awareness, drive website traffic and ultimately increase sales and concomitant profits.

Connecting and engaging with customers is a fabulous way to show the human side of your brand and emote positively. But remember that social media marketing can be a double-edged sword, and things can go bad, and negative comment posts can start popping up on your brand’s social media pages.

You must learn to handle negative comments on social media before the problem escalates. Never ignore the adverse comments as they have the potential to damage your business in the long term.The ‘head in the sand’ approach can spell disaster.

You can contact the aggrieved person, take remedial measures and then request the complainant to delete the negative comments. In most cases, the customer would respond favorably. But you must achieve this in quickness of time as the social media messages have a tendency to spread fast.

But you should not take steps to unilaterally delete messages. That will only serve to infuriate the customer further and make them vindictive. They will react by telling all of their friends how apathetic and callous your company and its employees are.

Please note that the average Facebook and Twitter user has 100+ followers, so a complaint from one disgruntled customer can spread exponentially, and incalculably harming your business prospects.

If a customer leaves an angry complaint on your company’s Facebook page or Twitter feed, check if the complaint is authentic and if so, do not hesitate to apologize publicly. This will send a robust signal that you care for your customers.

Your apology has to be sincere as people are invariably aware when they are being appeased. Most importantly, a mere apology offers no solution to the problem, and the customer has to be satisfied through proper remedial action.

Offer an apology and a solution. This strategy can turn a disgruntled customer into your brand’s loyal evangelist! This person (or people) obviously had some sense of loyalty to your brand if they’ve spent their money with you.

But, if you feel the negative comment unjustified or intentionally malicious, you will be well within your rights to serve a legal notice. There may be some unscrupulous competitor or disgruntled past employee or a plain mischief manger who will constantly post nasty comments to needle you and destroy your business image.

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