How to Plan Your Social Media Marketing Web Site


Plan your Web site carefully before you begin creating individual Web pages for the site. This can help you avoid having to reorganize your Web pages later. Decide how many Web pages you want your Website to contain and consider how the pages will link to each other.

When users visit your Web site, they should be able to easily access information in the site. Sketching a layout of your Web site can help you organize the site. Once you have determined a layout for your Web site, you should plan the main page, or home page, for the site.



A linear layout organizes Web pages in a straight line. This layout is ideal for Web pages that people should read in a specific order, such as pages containing a story or step-by-step instructions.

Each Web page in a linear layout usually links to the next and previous page in the Web site, allowing users to move both forwards and backwards through the Web pages.


A Web layout has no overall structure. Each Web page in a Web layout contains multiple links to other Web pages in the site. This type of layout is ideal for Web pages that people do not need to read in a specific order.


In a hierarchical layout, all Web pages branch off a home page. The home page provides a general summary of the information in the Web site, while the other pages provide more specific information. Users select links on the home page to access Web pages that contain detailed information.


Combining layouts provides you with the most flexibility when creating your Web site. For example, combining a hierarchical layout with a Web layout lets you create a Web site that has an overall structure, yet still allows users to randomly browse through information.


The home page is usually the first page users will see when they visit your Web site. The home page is usually named index.html or index.htm. Your home page should contain a brief summary of your Web site, a table of contents and links that users can select to quickly access information of interest.

When planning your home page, make sure the home page will work well with the layout of your Web site. For example, the home page for a Web site with a linear layout should contain a link to the next page in the Web site.