How Top Employers Leverage LinkedIn

When it comes to finding motivated and talented employees in today’s marketplace, many employers are using social networks like LinkedIn. So, how do top employers leverage LinkedIn when it comes to finding top talent? First off, you have to really understand the power of LinkedIn, and how it not only benefits a person looking for new employment, but how it benefits the employer as well. As of this article is globally ranked at 12, and ranked at 11 in the US. It has over 100 million users, and a new user signs up every second.

The idea of linked in is for users to create business or professional personal profiles. Each profile is given a percentage rating for completion. The higher rate of completion will entitle you to more exposure and visibility. The majority of people that have a LinkedIn account do not complete as much information as they can on these accounts therefore not raising their percentage rates. Employers today are making choices when it comes to hiring new talent based on several factors.

  • Information
  • Professionalism
  • Popularity
  • Knowledge

Your LinkedIn profile allows you to provide all that is needed in all these areas, and the more you have filled out, the better. Employers are not only looking for people that are consistent and provide all that is needed for their business, but they are using these tools in order to leverage their workforces as well. More and more top companies and corporations are utilizing social media networks as tools to find good quality employees for their business. And by having your profile as complete as possible will allow these businesses to find you.

Because LinkedIn is one of the largest when it comes to professionals and professional profiles, you will find that many employers rely on this social media platform entirely. With this in mind, it will be important to understand that by using these networks to their fullest capacity, you will more than likely come up higher in searches and as a result, your talents will be leveraged by top employers on LinkedIn as well.

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