How Twitter and Facebook are changing internet marketing

There is no doubt that social media has revolutionized how people interact. It has come at a time when the internet has become very familiar to many people around the world. The ease in opening of accounts has made the social media the place to not only make new friendships but actually communicate with families and relatives from different parts of the world. Facebook has been famed as the fastest growing social media network. Its membership continues to grow by the day and it currently stands at over a billion users. It is almost getting impossible to find a person who does not have an account with Facebook. The said social network is closely followed in popularity by Twitter which has grown at a very fast pace reckoning that it just came not too long ago.

The popularity of both these types of social media has made it possible for many businesses to have an audience. Generally businesses thrive because of the fact that they get to have exposure to their clients. The more a business has exposure the more it is likely to have many and stable clients. That is the big role that is played by both Facebook and Twitter.

With Facebook, a business owner can opt to create a business page for the company the business is dealing in. You can even give a link to the website of the business. Since most people on Facebook are not there primarily to buy items, you will need to be smart with your marketing strategies. The best thing to do when you want Facebook to work for you is to have your friends like your page and run targeted ads to have a thriving engaging community. The more people joining your page will give more exposure to your business. You can get people talking about the services you are offering and give them an opportunity to comment on the page. You can even give them links to the website. In this way Facebook helps you to direct traffic to your site. When traffic has been directed to your site that means you get to have many visitors to the site and hence get to have a good number of them being your clients. The benefit of the business getting exposed is the fact that in due time there will be one of the people who view it who will want and actually buy what you are offering.

When it comes to Twitter, people send tweets about what they are doing. As a business, you may have just launched a new product. To ensure that the masses know about what you have just launched, you can send a tweet that will broadcast to your followers. You can even connect the tweet to your Facebook page so that even your friends on Facebook who do not have twitter accounts can get to know about the product which helps in marketing.

There are still a lot of great things that these social networks can do for your business. Remember that you have to dedicate your time and effort in order to reap the benefits.

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