Pinterest Marketing: How community managers use Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing: How community managers use Pinterest

The social ‘pinning’ site, Pinterest has grown into a major social site and hangout for the internet users, in a short span of time. Widely different from other social networking platforms, Pinterest is all about communicating online with images of things you are passionate about or interested in. You can find people, who have similar interests and develop relationships with them. The community managers assigned for managing and engaging target audience through Pinterest need to consider things like,

  • Understanding the community members

The community managers need to know about their community members’ likes and dislikes. A random observation of their interests and passions will let you understand their sense of humor, favorite TV shows, movies, games and sports. Demographic information helps you to sort the members in different categories and cater to them effectively, while engaging them through Pinterest.

  • Spotting the potential members

Community managers can leverage the effectiveness of Pinterest to their advantage, by finding members in the community, who are valuable to their campaign. By following the boards, you can find the loyal Pinners with large following. Spot them and engage them innovatively through conversations on topics that they are interested in. This will propel them to learn more about your brand and aid you in promoting yourself more influentially on Pinterest.

  • Initiating and conversing

After knowing the people in your network, you can begin a brand board which will help you to promote your brand. You can indulge in brand promotion subtly since, extensive advertisements may result in boredom and monotony for the members. Encourage the members of your group to share pictures and videos about your events and launches. Community managers on Pinterest engage the target audience by participating in interesting conversations on various topics, re-pinning and liking others pins, on the social site. You can also start a related brand board, which allows you to talk about things to the Pinners in your network that are related to your field of expertise. Also, request them to comment on your pins, which will help you to know more about the pins that impress them and continue to post similar pins.

  • Launching Pin and win contests

Requesting the pinners on Pinterest, to pin on their favorite brand boards and announcing specific privileges, seasonal discounts and valuable gifts for them, will encourage more people to join your pin board and interact with you frequently. The pin and win contests that are hassle free, easy to join and interesting will garner more Pinners on Pinterest. However, you need to make the entry process for these contests easy and user friendly so that people interested in joining contests do not retrace, owing to the complications caused by the entry processes.

  • Creating unique engagement techniques

Pinterest users are already familiar with pins and re-pins. Now, give them opportunities to bring out their creativity. Allow the Pinners to participate in pinning creative stuff on brand boards that involves official images, event photos or relevant videos creatively. Community managers should device more creative contests and forums, which encourage greater involvement of Pinners, to channel more members to their brand’s network.

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