Social Media Customer Service

Business houses today often turn to social media as the preferred route for rendering quick and efficient customer service. In today’s age of the social media, if your business is not offering some kind of social media customer service, you’re missing the bus. Research studies reveal the enormous benefits of social media customer service.

Brands find it convenient to satisfy consumer needs and fix problems expressed by consumers on social media. But remember an annoyed customer on social media can immensely influences their followers – and potentially many more and damage your business.

The general consumer is today more active on the social media and wanting to learn more. They’re asking questions, expecting appropriate responses.

Social media are becoming a much sought-after place for individualized, timely and shareable customer service. Make sure that consumers get the solutions they want from you on the social media channels.

Create a separate profile for customer service. If you divide your customer service account from your main profile, it keeps support inquiries segregated from your marketing efforts. It also enables trained social customer services representatives to handle service requests, allowing marketers to focus on building a brand in other ways on the social media.

Aside from saving time, this segregation also makes brands’ analytical data more meaningful. In social media customer service, you should typically focus on how your brand’s audience is responding to your content. The brand’s responses are most important in social customer service.

In social media customer service, study engagement statistics such as response rate and response time as they directly measure the effectiveness of your support efforts. Ideally the Response Time should be 30 min and Response Rate more than 60 percent

You may do well to segment different accounts to productively address customer inquiries. The account representatives quickly respond to direct questions, and the team’s response rate and response time will be exceptional.
Depending on company size and customer base, however, constant monitoring may probably be necessary. Unfortunately, most companies don’t staff their accounts around the clock, but they do clearly communicate when they’re available.

Never ignore customers’ queries as that can prove suicidal. The worst response to an upset customer -silence.

While rendering customer service on social media, be human. Representatives should provide customers indication of personal care. Make the interaction with customers efficient and also conversational.
Hire multiple customer service representatives to monitor one account simultaneously. Each representative can claim inquiries and own those conversations, eliminating confusion and cutting down on response time. Adopt a positive attitude as that helps put customers with concerns or complaints at ease.

Social media customer service allow brands to tackle service problems in an innovative new way. Businesses can now become proactive and seek out customers’ problems and answer questions before they’re even asked.

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