How social media marketing is changing the customer relationship

How social media marketing is changing the customer relationship

Many business houses have still not fully understood the power of social media in building customer relationships.

But the heartening news is a new trend is emerging, with business organizations breaking through industry regulations to more effectively engage with customers on social media.

Today, businesses across various industries are using social media (and particularly Twitter and Facebook) to build significant relationships with their existing and prospective customers.

The role of social media is such that businesses across all industries can leverage to build relationships with clients — and influence their purchase decisions.

Psychologists say that people are fond of talking about themselves. When businesses are able to talk about themselves and subtly promote their products/services, they win.

Since prospects are the focal point of any business, the company should make its customers a huge part of the brand. You should use your “Share Your Story” Facebook app to invite customers to submit pictures of them holding your product.

This will make customers proud and happy and when your customers are happy, your business will soar.  So, find a way to let people feel good and share their story about how your brand makes a difference in their lives.

Businesses have the fabulous opportunity to use social media as a way to provide customers not only with great service, but a means of connecting and inspiring one another. Several businesses have demonstrated how valuable social media can be for bringing together people facing similar experiences with their products.

When using social media tools, constantly think about the social aspect – how can you connect your audience and strengthen your relationship with them. As far as possible, make your content more about your customers/prospects and less about your products/services.

You must strive to surpass customer expectations when it comes to putting a customer first and your products next. Social media platforms have become for business owners as a place to share and exchange ideas with one another and in the process build robust customer relationships.

Seize every opportunity on social media for obtaining feedback information. Seek opinions from customers about improvements to your existing products and suggestions for new products. Crowdsourcing is not just a marketing tactic, it is an extremely effective means of soliciting feedback about your product or service.  Remember that social media is an easy way to humanize your brand and make it the talk of the town.

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