Social Media Marketing: How’s Your Brand Holding Up?


Social media marketing is one of the newest ways to get the attention of your target customers and increasing traffic to your website. If you are using this tool, then you need to assess how this marketing strategy is helping your business. If you think that it is not effective for your business, then you must go back to the basic of social media marketing. Third party websites such as social networking sites can be used to share your business brand name to the rest of the world.

Establish a Goal

All online marketers must create a goal that will lead them towards success. This is a basic knowledge, but most of the time overlooked by many business owners. Even if you are using all popular social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, it will not help your business if you do not know your goal. You know that you have a successful marketing plan, if you have reached your goal. Establishing a goal is the most challenging part of social media marketing. You can create short and long term goal.

The used of social media as a marketing tool is extensive and varied. It is a marketing platform that can reach diverse people in different age, gender, races, culture, location, religion, interest and many more. This is the reason why it is considered as the best way to reach your target customers to gain business success nowadays. There are different kinds of social media networks that you can use.

  • Facebook- today this social networking site has reached millions and millions of users around the globe. It continuously increasing day by day. If you are already a Facebook user, then this is not a new thing for you. If you want to promote your business in Facebook, then you are free to do so by creating a page dedicated to business. You can create a perfect marketing page by adding information, photos and video about your business and products. This will help you establish a data base of users that will share your post to their friends. This will create a never ending chain.
  • Twitter- this social networking site is also about sharing information to people through tweeting and retweeting.

Today, many businesses around the world are using these social media networks in marketing and promoting their business. These social media websites also created seamless mobile application so people can open their account using their mobile smartphone.


You may also used blogs to connect to wide range of people and share your products or services. If you want to create blogs, then you need a high quality content that you can share to other people. WordPress is the most popular platform for bloggers, but you may also use Tumblr.

Social media marketing provides opportunity for small businesses to find leverage against huge and well-established corporations. With the help of this new marketing tool, you can prove to the world that you deserve a spot in the World Wide Web.

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