Social Media Strategy: How to Promote Your Brand

Social Media Strategy: How to Promote Your Brand

Overpowering social media presence is critically important for all sizes of businesses in today’s age of the Internet. You must create thoughtfully crafted content to attract constant engagement with your clients.

The greatest drawback is, brands spend too much time focusing on self-promotion and even grossly misuse social media for blatant selling. This approach is counter-productive and self-defeating and you get no rewards.

The engagement is unidirectional, leaving followers with no way to engage with you, other than buying your products.

Though sales is the basic pursuit of social media marketing, you should achieve your ends through robust means. You should build and promote your brand by telling your story in a conversational manner that’s interesting to the reader.

Fortunately, there’s a simple, time-tested equation to give your brand’s social media the perfect balance. It’s called the 70-20-10 Rule. Please know that 70 percent of your content should be built around your brand.

The large majority of your content should be interesting and informative to the reader. Provide your followers a window into who you are and share a lot of general content.

Share an interesting article relevant to your industry and raise thought-provoking questions to induce others to respond.

Your content should be wide-ranging and entertaining in nature, but more importantly, you should put forward a story behind your brand. Share pictures of your factory/office interiors, your company events etc. Your fans should find your content to be special and endearing, and it should provide them a real personality to connect with.

Share something worthwhile – something you would want to truly want your followers to know. The next 20% of your content should be shared from and for other users. This percentage may be narrow but it’s extremely valuable to building your network.

Use this 20 percent content to share  industry peers and other influencers content, and you’ll establish a mutually beneficial networking system through social media. Post information about a new side project your company is pursuing or share an event hosted by your company.

The balance 10 percent of content should be self-promotion after all you have to boost sales using social media.

Use social media sensibly as social media is a platform to subtly sell your products. Social media is all about communicating with your audience and passing on the salient features about your products. You have to certainly tell people what you’re selling, but it doesn’t have to be one-way self-promotion.

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