How to Target the Right Facebook Fans

How to Target the Right Facebook Fans

According to Facebook’s recent announcement the like-gate to Fan pages, will be withdrawn. It is, therefore, preferable to think of alternate ways you can bring the desired fans to your page.

The fundamental purpose of all Facebook pages is to inspire fans engagement so as to begin their discussions about the page. These discussions will increase not only the virality of the page, but also enlarge the fan base.

To achieve this, your business must have the right fan following or explore ways to acquire them. Right fan following means fans that are interested in your product and likely to become your customers.

Through intense and intelligent search, you can find influencers that are experts in your industry or probable buyers of your products. Get in contact with them and encourage them to talk about you.

Building robust relationship with influencers can become extremely useful for they will become potential customers of your products/services.

Above all, these influencers have the power to affect their audience in a way that will lead them to become your clients or your Facebook fans.
It is important that you create hashtags for your business. Hashtags were first introduced on Twitter and have since become hugely popular on Facebook and Instagram. Start using local hashtags and include them in your status updates.

Look out for fans who have a fascination for your niche and the products you sell. They will soon turn into your customers – it is only a question of time.

Provide them ways to like your fan page as it is the fans that will spend time on your page. Try to arrest their attention and post content that will fascinate them. In this way, you will earn their like, share and comment or even a post on your timeline.

One of the easiest ways to turn customers into fans is by using a social Wi-Fi hot spot. It is a service that provides an internet connection to those in the store just by liking your page.

One of the main benefits of Facebook is that when users write a status update about your business, the entire lot of their friends can view it. These friends can respond to an update by making a comment or checking out the place on the internet or still better by reaching your company.

Furthermore, motivate users to check-in to your business. Offer them an incentive for doing so. This way the users themselves will soon be creating your Facebook content.

It will be a good idea to tag companies that you work with or companies that may visit your business or even your suppliers. Miss not to thank them for supporting and offering exceptional services. Most of them will appreciate it and most importantly they will reciprocate.

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