Tips to Evaluate Social Media Campaigns

Today every company is facing an issue that how should they measure the success of social media campaigns. The marketing professionals keep on explaining that social media is important and beneficial for the company.

Considering these issues, I have collated some information that could help to explain how to evaluate social media and why a company should invest time as well as money into it.

Initially, follow some requisite steps before implementing any measurement tool or strategy.

o Specify the mission and target speculating the achievements.
o Determine the target audiences and make out what propels them the most.
o Define qualitative as well as quantitative metrics to be used.
o Determine the measurement tools to be used.
o Analyze the results.

Qualitative approach is followed when you want to determine corporate reputation, conversations or customer relationships. Quantitative approach is followed if the goal is to measure the traffic, sales or SEO ranking. In order to measure how effective you social media campaign is, the company must observe, listen and engage.

Variety of tools are available in measuring different objectives.

Del.ic.ious-determine the number of times people bookmark your content.
Google Analytics-track traffic levels, its increase, traffic sources, trafficked key terms or phrases.
Feedburner-keep measuring number of RSS and email subscribers.
Blog Comments-gauge the amount, quality and influence of comments.
Twitter Search-analyze the trend your company is being mentioned in searches. Use Tweetbeep to get these alerts.
Google Alert-measure the daily, weekly and monthly trend of a particular keyword.
Tweetburner-track the number of clicks on the links that you send out via twitter, also how active your twitter followers are with your content.
Yahoo Site Explorer-measure the amount of incoming links you receive over time.
HowSociable-measure the visibility of the brand on the web.
Technorati-search for blogs based on tags.
Alexa-estimate reach, rank and page views.
Google Insights-compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories and time frames. number of clicks, countries clicked from and conversations around the site.
Adonomics-track the results with the help of graphs.

Evaluate traffic, interactions, search marketing, customer engagement, sales, retention and profits in order to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Measuring and monitoring your social media campaign is an ongoing process. The process has many benefits like low cost per customer acquisition, low cost of sales marketing and even lowers the cost of market research too.

The objective of a social media campaign is to participate in the conversation, to enhance your relationships with your target audiences, and become the trusted member of the community surrounding your brand. If you follow these steps and continue to monitor the conversation, you can clearly communicate the success of your campaign.

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